Seabourn Venture Review February 2024

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I recently returned from my first-ever 10-day sailing trip on the Great White Continent, Antarctica, on the luxury ship Seabourn Venture.

It is one of two extraordinary Expedition vessels, Seabourn Venture, launched in early 2022, and Seabourn Pursuit, launched in mid-2023. Adventure cruises, especially Expedition cruises, are becoming more popular due to the demand from travellers with deep pockets wanting to explore more of the world’s extremities in luxury comfort.

Expedition cruises offer a completely different aspect of cruising compared to regular cruise ships, which tend to be smaller, have fewer restaurants and have limited entertainment. Instead, there is an interest in wildlife and exploring remote landscapes, which the Expedition Guides lead. This also includes kayaking, hikes, tour guides and helicopter rides.


I was allocated a V2 608 Verandah Suite. The views from the suite were magnificent. Sometimes, I’d wake up, go to our balcony, and see humongous glaciers and humpback whales swimming alongside the ship.

Setting Sail for Antarctica: Drake Passage Crossing, Briefings, and First Encounters

After my charter flight on JetSMART from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, I sailed through the Drake Passage for the first two days of the cruise. The crossing was a little bumpy but manageable (with the help of some sea sickness tables!). I had a compulsory IAATO briefing, which all cruise guests had to attend when cruising to Antarctica.

Later that day, the crew had to inspect our outdoor wear for any organic matter we could bring onto the ship. I continued the day with multiple chats with the Expedition Staff, which were held in the Lecture Theatre.

One thing made very apparent from the start was that safety was the most important thing for the guests and crew. And, for any reason, if guests could not attend the lectures and briefings, all of these were available to watch on the TV in the suites.

There was another briefing for guests interested in kayak and submarine tours, with an example demonstration for guests to practice. For the submarine tours, guests had to wear dark clothes and be able to access the submarine through a very narrow hatch.

As we cruised towards our first landing at Hope Bay and Brown Bluff, the sight of my first-ever iceberg left me utterly speechless—it was a moment of complete mesmerisation, to say the least. When we arrived, I saw a Chinstrap colony, and the sight of Weddell seals amazed me!

Fueled by the exhilaration that wildlife encounters, I headed to The Colonnade for a delicious Mexican feast. Savoury flavours and vibrant ingredients perfectly complement the day’s adventure.

Later that evening, a touch of hunger still lingered. The Club’s enticing sushi selection beckoned. I was surrounded by an impressive array of glistening shrimp, melt-in-your-mouth Hamachi, and vibrant tuna, alongside a bounty of other fresh seafood options. I opted for a selection of small plates, devouring exquisite sushi and maki rolls.

Capping off the day, we settled in at the Discovery Center for the evening entertainment, “Popcorn Move: March of the Penguins.” Narrated by the legendary Morgan Freeman, this documentary took me on a heartwarming journey, following the intricate and sometimes daring mating rituals of penguins in Antarctica. It was a truly moving experience!

Clerva Cove Encounters and Thai Delights

Before landing on Clerva Cove and Mikkelsen, I spent the morning in The Colonnade, enjoying a buffet-style breakfast. Later that day, I hopped on a Zodiac and landed in Clerva Cove, situated on the northern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The cove was surrounded by rugged Antarctic scenery, towering glaciers, and ice-covered mountains—it was a sight alright! We encountered various species of crabeater seals, chinstrap penguins, and birds!

I decided to go to The Colonnade again for dinner that evening, eager to experience a different culinary journey. This time, the theme was Thai, and the aroma of fragrant spices filled the air as Iwalked in. I opted for the Pad Thai; the perfectly balanced blend of sweet, savoury, and spicy flavours was a true delight. I also tried the Massaman Curry, which has creamy coconut milk and tender meat, creating a symphony of textures and tastes.

The highlight of the evening was the early entertainment, “James Taylor and Friends.” This unique one-person show stole the show, paying homage to the legendary musician. Witnessing this talented artist single-handedly recreate James Taylor’s music was an experience we will never forget.

From Cuverville & Neko Harbour to the Bridge

We continued our journey to Cuverville and Neko Harbour, where I encountered my first Gentoo penguin colony. Following a path created by the expedition team, we enjoyed stunning views of the bay and our ship, surrounded by the breathtaking Antarctic landscape.

The afternoon was informative as we joined Safety Officer Tony in the Discovery Center. Here, Tony, a wealth of knowledge on all things maritime, delved into the fascinating world of the Seabourn Venture. He shed light on the ship’s remarkable capabilities, from intricate navigational systems to cutting-edge technical marvels. The session also touched upon crucial environmental considerations, ensuring a responsible and sustainable voyage.

As evening approached, I indulged in the culinary delights of Earth & Ocean. This sophisticated restaurant boasts a diverse menu showcasing traditional flavours worldwide. My taste buds embarked on a global adventure with the delectable Orecchiette Pasta, followed by the melt-in-your-mouth Rib Eye Steak.

Skontorp Cove: Polar Plunge & Caviar Dreams

Day five brought us to the serene Skontorp Cove, a tranquil escape nestled in the heart of Antarctica’s icy wilderness. This day held a particular thrill for me—the much-anticipated Polar Plunge! (Eek!) Taking the plunge was undoubtedly the highlight of my entire cruise. It was absolutely breathtaking!

Riding the high of this exhilarating experience, I attended the Seabourn at sea on zodiacs where I indluged in some bubbly whilst I admirred the amazing scenery. I continued the day in style with Seabourn’s signature event, the Caviar Sail-Away. Caviar and champagne flowed freely on the Patio Deck as we celebrated another unforgettable day in Antarctica.

After an exhilarating afternoon, I capped the day off with a delicious dinner at The Colonnade. We savoured fresh seafood selections from their extensive menu, feeling thoroughly satisfied. The evening’s entertainment continued with a 45-minute musical delight in The Club – “Anna & Richard Present: Divas.”

Winter Wonderland: Winter & Petermann Islands

Our last stop was a double treat: Winter Island and Petermann Island! Both islands amazed me with their sparkling white shores and incredible icebergs. But at Petermann Island, I was lucky to see even more wildlife! I kept my eyes peeled for playful seals in the water and penguins waddling around the rocks.

After returning to the ship, I spent the afternoon relaxing in Seabourn Square. This is a fantastic spot where you can enjoy delicious afternoon tea and pastries whenever you please. In the evenings, talented musicians entertain before and after dinner, either in the Constellation Lounge or The Club.

Celebrating the Farewell with the Cruise Director

The cruise director even treated us to memorable performances, sometimes joined by Craig, the multi-talented musician. They played some of their favourite upbeat songs, making our last night in Antarctica special.

Returning through the Drake Passage was much smoother than our journey to Antarctica. Thankfully, I didn’t feel nearly as seasick this time around! Overall, this Seabourn cruise was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience I’ll never forget.

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Nikki sails aboard Seabourn Venture’s Antarctica Voyage
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Nikki sails aboard Seabourn Venture’s Antarctica Voyage

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