Nikki sails aboard Seabourn Venture’s Antarctica Voyage

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Embarking on an expedition cruise to Antarctica is a journey unlike any other. Recently, our colleague Nikki ventured into this icy wonderland aboard Seabourn’s luxurious Seabourn Venture. As she returned, we sat down with her to delve deeper into her extraordinary experience.

Q1) How did it feel to witness Antarctica’s untouched beauty for the first time?

Nikki: Experiencing Antarctica’s untouched beauty for the first time was simply incredible, surpassing all my expectations. The vast, pristine scenery took my breath away, leaving me in awe of nature’s grandeur. The sight of icebergs, towering glaciers, and endless expanses of pristine wilderness was truly breathtaking.


Q2) Antarctica’s weather is famously unpredictable. How did the changing conditions affect your journey, and what surprised you the most?

Nikki: When we first arrived in Antarctica, we had blue skies and perfect weather; as we travelled further south, we encountered blizzards and strong winds. It was perfect to experience both climates and to experience how harsh it can be in these remote areas.


Q3) Cruising to Antarctica means that there are a few sea days. What surprised you the most about daily life on an Antarctica expedition?

Nikki: Cruising to Antarctica meant embracing a few sea days. Still, the constant sense of wonder and discovery surprised me the most about daily life on this expedition. Every day brought new and spectacular scenery that seemed to change with the passing hours, offering an ever-evolving landscape of breathtaking beauty. The anticipation of spotting wildlife added an extra layer of excitement to each day.


Q4) You sailed to Half Moon Island, Bluff Cove, Paradise Island. Describe the feeling of witnessing these untouched landscapes for the first time.

Nikki: When we landed at Half Moon Island, Bluff Cove, and Paradise Island, it was a truly unforgettable experience. The feeling of witnessing these untouched landscapes for the first time is difficult to put into words.

Picture yourself surrounded by a sense of overwhelming beauty, where every corner reveals a new facet of nature’s magnificence. It’s a feeling of awe, as if time stands still in the presence of such pristine wilderness. In that moment, it becomes clear that some experiences are beyond description – they must be felt firsthand to be truly appreciated.


Q5) Seabourn Venture is known to specialise in expeditions and visit remote destinations that others can not. Can you tell us about the onboard experience?

Nikki: Seabourn exceeded all expectations, offering an exceptional experience from the moment we set foot in Buenos Aires. The expert talks provided on board were informative. They allowed us to delve deep into the history and wildlife of our explored regions. Moreover, the staff’s dedication and professionalism were exemplary, consistently going above and beyond to ensure our comfort and satisfaction throughout the voyage.


Q6) Seabourn Venture offers exciting shore excursions in Antarctica, like kayaking, Zodiac tours, and even submarine voyages. Which activity would you recommend the most and why?

Nikki: Each day, they typically offered two excursions featuring either a zodiac landing or a scenic tour aboard a zodiac. Additionally, optional experiences, such as kayaking and submarine tours, were available for an extra fee. Among these, I recommend the kayaking adventure.


Q7) Encountering penguins, seals, and whales up close must have been incredible. How did it feel to interact with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat?

Nikki: Being so close to such remarkable wildlife in their natural habitat was truly life-changing. Moments like these ignite a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to safeguard our planet for future generations.


Q8) What are your essential packing tips for an Antarctica cruise? Were there any items you brought that you didn’t need or anything you wish you had packed?

Nikki: Seabourn ensured our comfort in the polar environment by providing essential gear, including a polar jacket, beanie hat, backpack, and boots. They emphasised the importance of good thermal socks and gloves. Layering was the most effective strategy; I opted for a thermal polar neck as a base layer, followed by jumpers/sweatshirts to stay warm. Despite the chilly conditions, I never once felt cold. Sunglasses and sunscreen were recommended for added protection against the bright Antarctic sun. To complete my attire, I wore thermal leggings under waterproof trousers to keep dry and warm.


Q9) Is there any advice you can give to someone planning their first trip to Antarctica?

Nikki: Book it!! – it is such an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip; pictures and words do not do it justice; you have to experience it.

Seabourn is aware and concerned about the environment; the expedition ships have the latest equipment for sustainability. They also have an environmental officer onboard each ship.

Seabourn has rolled out Operation Oceans Alive, a dedicated program with a clear mission: safeguarding our oceans, waterways, and seas. It’s a reminder for team members to engage actively in environmental stewardship. Seabourn can ensure these vital ecosystems’ long-term health and vitality by taking simple yet impactful steps, like reducing plastic use and supporting marine conservation efforts. This commitment benefits the diverse aquatic life that calls these waters home and safeguards our planet’s beauty and resources for future generations.


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