Embark on a journey of sensory delight with Riverside Luxury Cruises, where river cruising becomes an extraordinary experience. Prepare to have your senses awakened as you traverse enchanting European waterways, allowing the world to unfold before your very eyes. Our intimate and open-air upper deck invites you to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes and vibrant destinations, where every breath you take is infused with the essence of life itself. These are the moments that etch themselves into your memory, never to be forgotten.

Indulge in the finest pleasures as you sip on a soothing cup of Earl Grey during teatime or savour a glass of exquisite Taittinger rosé as the sun sets on the horizon, all while marvelling at the incredible engineering marvels of the locks. Onshore, dive headfirst into the captivating cultures of Europe’s most beautiful cities, losing yourself in their unique charms and timeless allure. But worry not, for upon your return to the ship, a gastronomic adventure awaits. Delight in the culinary wonders inspired by the regions you just explored, as our talented chefs craft delectable specialities that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Riverside Luxury Cruises grants you the luxury of unpacking just once while offering you a million memories to cherish. Allow yourself to become lost in the world as you journey along the river, and in the process, discover a deeper connection with yourself. Each moment onboard our magnificent vessels is an invitation to embark on a profound and transformative experience. Let us guide you on a river cruise where the extraordinary becomes ordinary, and where you’ll find yourself anew.


Included with Riverside

The Premium all-inclusive including excursions fare is per person and includes the following services:

  • Meals of your choice in all restaurants and bars.
  • Cakes, Waffles & Ice Cream.
  • Premium beverage package including Premium Wine, Spirits and French Champagne.
  • Pre-selected Excursions for each port.
  • Minibar (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic drinks).
  • Free WiFi
  • Room Service*
  • Port and Service Charge as well as VAT

*Room Service will be included 24hrs.

Book A Luxury Riverside River Cruises with us

For more information regarding Riverside Cruises or to check the fares and availability of a future sailing, please call 0800 008 6677 to speak to one of our Voyage Consultants. Alternatively, please select your preferred sailing and make an online enquiry.