As one of the UK’s original luxury cruise specialists we find we are often asked a variety of questions regarding what different cruise lines have to offer and which of them might be the best suited to certain needs or preferences.

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Luxury cruise lines – frequently asked questions

Here is a selection of the most popular questions we are asked regarding luxury cruises:

What is the definition of luxury cruising?

What is the most luxurious cruise ship in the world?

Which luxury cruise line is all-inclusive?

Which luxury cruise line is best for children?

Which luxury cruise line has the best food?

Luxury cruise FAQ Answers

What is the definition Luxury Cruising?

In an FAQ detailing questions around this topic, we first need to ask what the definition of luxury cruising actually is? The truth here is that it is a widely and increasingly commonly used term to describe any form of cruising above that which we would consider to be mainstream or 4 star. Many cruise lines now claim to offer a luxury product, forcing those traditionally using the term into re-branding themselves as ‘ultra-luxury’.

In fairness, the original definition of ‘luxury’ is of a product or service not deemed essential, so this would apply to all cruise travel, yet a consensus seems to never have truly been reached. At The Cruise Line, luxury cruising means simply this, the very highest tier of service, product offering and appointment within the sector and this is achieved only by a select few cruise lines, each with their own strengths and approach that give the customer excellent choice in their luxury cruising pursuits, choice explored in our other FAQ’s.

Which is the most luxurious cruise ship in the world?

In 2013 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises launched EUROPA II, this ship is undoubtedly the most contemporary and elegant ship to be launched in the cruise industry so far and certainly claims to be the most luxurious ever built.

Her sister ship EUROPA I has already been voted the No. 1 ship in the world by Berlitz Guide for the last ten years and the launch of her big sister has raised the bar further in the luxury cruise market. With a capacity of 516 guests, as opposed to 384 on Europa I, the new ship boasts the highest space ratio of any ship.

Based on the above and our definition of ‘luxury’ we feel EUROPA II is at the very highest tier in terms of nautical hardware and hence the most luxurious ship in the world.

Which luxury cruise line is all-inclusive?

The very term all inclusive can be confusing in terms of cruising. Some cruise lines will claim to have inclusive value which can be misleading and refer to certain elements and some will claim to be all-inclusive when they are not in the true sense of the word. So it is true that some companies will say that a product is all-inclusive when in the actual detail it turns out that ‘most’ elements are included and this is unlikely to include such items as shore excursions.

The only full all-inclusive luxury cruise product is Regent Seven Seas where the claim is quite literally that ‘everything is included’ and this is true as they include shore excursions. Others that include drinks, meals, gratuities but not excursions are Silversea, Crystal Cruises, SeaDream and Seabourn.

Which luxury cruise line is best for children?

Few luxury cruise lines will be seen to encourage children cruising and as a result will not be well appointed to keep children entertained when at sea. Many luxury cruise lines will allow children to travel with adults but will openly admit that their cruise ships offer little by means of entertainment for the younger generations. One of the noticeable exceptions to this rule is Crystal Cruises who have made a commitment to attracting families and have upgraded their on-board facilities for children and children’s’ activities (such as sushi making).

We have also been impressed with the consideration given to children on EUROPA 2 of Hapag-Lloyd cruises. It’s never going to be running wild with kids but there are facilities to keep them entertained. Childcare is available and considered and there are kids clubs for little ones up to teens that certainly provide somewhere for them to ‘relax’ and ‘hang-out’. You will see children on other luxury lines – for example, Silversea offer a programme for children (aged 4-14 years old) on selected vessels between June and August – and they will be welcomed but the two aforementioned seem to be leading the way here.

Which luxury cruise line has the best food?

When Oceania Cruises was launched in 2003, the founders knew they must have a differentiation from other premium and luxury lines to ensure immediate success. The concept was simple, to deliver the very best food at sea whilst still offering good value for its passengers.

Legendary Master Chef Jacques Pepin was recruited to establish and inspire the food and family values were firmly set in the foundations. “Food” says Jacques Pepin is to be “shared with family or friends”; this is what makes a meal “great”. This and gastronomic wizardry. Oceania Cruises offers exceptional cuisine and we wholly believe this to be the very best at sea.

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