7 New Ships Debuting in 2024

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Prepare for an exhilarating year in the cruise world as 2024 brings forth a wave of new cruise ships!

Princess Cruises will sail with its first-in-class ships, promising fresh experiences and innovation. Cunard, making a significant comeback, unveils its first ship since 2010. This marks a year of new adventures and discoveries for cruise enthusiasts globally.

Luxury awaits enthusiasts as Explora Journeys and Silversea launch sister ships from their 2023 debuts. Viking and Ritz Carlton also unveil new ships, each featuring unique tweaks from their previous blueprints.

AmaWaterways expands its river cruise offerings with new destinations. Viking Cruises responded to the demand for European voyages with new ships in 2025 and 2026.

Princess Cruises – Sun Princess

In February 2024, Princess Cruises debuts Sun Princess, the inaugural Sphere-class ship. Families can look forward to exciting features in the dedicated Park19 area. This includes the first roll glider at sea, Sea Breeze, reaching speeds up to 11 mph, a ropes course, and Coastal Climb, an adventurous ladder course spanning two decks.

The new Signature Collection offers exclusive perks for suite enthusiasts, including dedicated restaurants, lounges, and sun decks. The Reserve Collection includes former Club Class cabins and new Cabana cabins, granting access to a private sundeck, whirlpool, and a Reserve Collection restaurant.

Cunard Cruises

Cunard Cruises marks its 184th anniversary in 2024 with the addition of Queen Anne, its fourth luxury ship. Weighing 113,000 gross tons and accommodating 3,000 guests, this new vessel introduces 15 dining venues—the first for Cunard in 14 years.

Queen Anne aims to elevate the cruise experience by bringing the allure of West End Theatre to the seas. Its Royal Court Theatre promises glamourous live performances reminiscent of Art Deco concert halls.

Sailing from Southampton on its maiden voyage on May 10, 2024, Queen Anne plans to explore over 60 destinations across 16 countries, with a homeport in Southampton through early 2026 and select cruises from other European ports in the coming years.

AmaWaterways – AmaMagdalena

AmaWaterways stirs the waters with new ships and unexplored territories. The 60-passenger AmaMagdalena debuts on the Magdalena River in Colombia in November 2024, bringing a fresh perspective to river cruising.

AmaWaterways broadens its reach on the Nile River with the 82-passenger AmaLilia. Offering enchanting itineraries with a pre-cruise sojourn in Cairo before embarking on a roundtrip sail from Luxor.

Silversea – Silver Ray

Scheduled for a July 2024 debut, Silversea‘s Silver Ray, the second in the Nova-class series, mirrors its counterpart, Silver Nova. The redesigned pool deck takes center stage with a distinctive asymmetrical design focusing on ocean views. Hosting renowned Silversea restaurants, the ship features a relocated S.A.L.T. Lab, where culinary enthusiasts can enjoy a 14-course tasting menu.

Noteworthy amenities include the Otium spa and new Otium suites at the ship’s rear, complemented by butler service in every cabin—a quintessential Silversea hallmark.

Viking Cruises – Viking Vela

Viking Cruises breaks from tradition with the introduction of Viking Vela, accommodating 998 passengers. This additional space is utilised for 17 new cabins, offering picturesque views and increased storage for technical equipment.

While experiencing a size upgrade, Viking maintains its award-winning formula. Sticking with the iconic Scandinavian design, exceptional restaurants, and an inclusive thermal spa persisting as integral elements, ensuring the continued excellence of the Viking cruise experience.

Explora Journeys – Explora II

Following a successful 2023 debut, Explora Journeys is set to launch its second luxury vessel, the 922-passenger Explora II, in August 2024. Guests can expect a continuation of features, from an impressive lobby bar and delightful pools to diverse dining options, including an unlimited raw bar in the Emporium Marketplace.

Crafted by the M.S.C. Group as its luxurious counterpart, Explora Journeys aims to extend the sophisticated atmosphere beyond the ship’s confines, promising unique “experiences” that transcend the ordinary. Notably, Explora II embraces families, a distinctive inclusivity in luxury cruises.

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection – Ilma

In 2022, Ritz-Carlton entered the cruise world with its inaugural ship, Evrima. The upcoming addition to its fleet, Ilma, intends to amplify the allure on a grander scale, accommodating 456 passengers, surpassing the size of Evrima.

What remains constant in Ilma is the commitment to a luxurious crew-to-passenger ratio. Anticipate the continuation of the chic yacht ambiance, complemented by exquisite dining options and an expanded marina area. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is known for being family-friendly, but it’s worth noting that the Ritz Kids program comes with an additional fee.

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