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Titanic II Project Unveiled

Plans to construct an exact replica of the Titanic ocean liner have been unveiled by an Australian businessman with the new ship set to sail the ill-fated vessel’s Atlantic route in 2016.

The ship, named Titanic II, is set to be constructed in China at the Jinling Shipyard which is situated near Nanjing in the country’s eastern providence. Following her the construction and the necessary sea trials, she will set sail for Southampton before embarking on her maiden voyage from the south-east England port to New York – the same route that was originally intended for the doomed ocean-liner in 1912.

Plans for the project have been unveiled by Australian businessman, Clive Palmer, at a press conference earlier this week. Palmer, who made his fortune as the owner of the mining company Mineralogy and through various investments in natural resource companies, is estimated to be worth a figure in the region on $795 million US dollars.

Whilst Titanic II will integrate new technologies and innovations not available to at the time of the original Titanic – such as air-conditioning and a helicopter pad – certain elements of the cruise experience will remain intact. Most controversial of all is the plan to split the ships passengers into three separate classes with guests unable to move between the facilities designated to each particular class.

Palmer and his associates have so far avoided any statements calling the Titanic II “unsinkable”, but the ship’s lead designer, Markku Kanerva has claimed that Titanic II will be “absolutely the most safe cruise ship in the world when it is launched.”

Set to make her debut in 2016, reactions to the news of Titanic II have been mixed. So far the vessel’s administration team has received over 40,000 applications for berths on the ship’s maiden voyage, whilst others – such as relatives of the Titanic’s Captain Edward Smith – are reportedly uncomfortable with plans to push ahead with the project.

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