Star Flyer Review May 2024

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I recently returned from a splendid Mediterranean voyage aboard Star Flyer, a majestic four-masted barquentine that evokes the grandeur of clipper ships dating back to 1912. 

As a distinguished member of the renowned Star Clipper fleet, Star Flyer, alongside her sister ship Star Clipper, offers a conscientious choice for cruising enthusiasts. Harnessing the power of the wind as their primary energy source, these ships have rightfully earned the title of ‘World’s Leading Green Cruise’ five times over.  

Star Flyer and Star Clipper side by side

Star Flyer and Star Clipper in Malaga


The cabins on Star Flyer evoke a maritime atmosphere, boasting gold and royal blue carpets, brass reading lamps, and polished wood bedside drawers. 

The standard cabins aboard Star Flyer and Star Clipper measure between 120 to 130 square feet, offering a cosy retreat for guests. While they may be on the snug side compared to the spacious suites and staterooms found on larger traditional vessels like Celebrity Cruises, each Star Clipper ship does feature some generously sized suites. For instance, the Royal Clipper boasts a selection of 14 luxurious suites, ensuring there’s a comfortable option for every traveller. 

On Star Flyer, all 85 cabins are located outside. Six are deluxe cabins, also known as suites, boasting lavish amenities such as marble bathtubs and direct access to the outside deck. The layout of the cabins varies depending on their location throughout the ship, ensuring a diverse range of experiences for guests to enjoy. 

My cabin, #330 (category 2), on the upper clipper deck, featured a reasonable wardrobe, safe storage space, a TV with a DVD player, and an all-in-one bathroom. It also had a dressing table and hairdryer. 

Public Areas 

The Tropical Bar is like the ship’s heart, surrounded by wooden stools where you can relax whilst enjoying a drink or the cocktail of the day. It’s an open deck, midship, and has a canopy to keep you shaded from the sun or dry from the rain. Apart from serving drinks, the Tropical Bar is where they have meetings about ports, offer afternoon snacks, and host evening entertainment, making it a lively spot to hang out. The lounge area, with its extensive free supply of tea and coffee and comfortable seating booths, is also served by The Tropical Bar, perfect for those chilly days and evenings. 

Tropical Bar on Star Flyer

Tropical Bar on Star Flyer

The Library is indoors, right beside the Tropical Bar. It has a cosy vibe, with a pretend fireplace to add to the warmth. This spot is perfect if you want some peace and quiet to play cards or read a book. 

The Library on Star Flyer

The Library on Star Flyer

The Pool area on Star Clipper and Star Flyer has two small plunge pools—one in the middle and one at the back—surrounded by blue sun loungers. On the Royal Clipper, there are three pools. 

Star Flyer Pool on Top Deck

Star Flyer Pool on Top Deck


Star Flyer has a single restaurant with open seating, just like Star Clipper. Inside, you’ll find tables for four, six, and eight people. Breakfast and lunch usually feature buffets, while dinner is served. Alongside the portholes are six-seat booths, while circular and oval tables fill the restaurant’s centre. The dining room exudes elegance, with royal blue carpets adorned with gold rope designs. Adding to the sophistication are French Provincial chairs covered in gold corduroy. 

Dining room on Star Flyer has portholes are six-seat booths, while circular and oval tables fill the restaurant's centre. The dining room exudes elegance, with royal blue carpets adorned with gold rope designs.

Dining area on Star Flyer

For breakfast, you have plenty of options. There is an egg station, with a chef ready to prepare your choice of omelette or fried eggs.  You can go for a continental breakfast with bread rolls, pastries, and fruit or a full English breakfast. There’s also a selection of smoothies, fruit salad, pancakes, and more! Early bird breakfast (fruit and pastries) is available in the Lounge area of the tropical bar from 6.30 to 10.30.

Fruit Selection on Star Flyer

Fruit Selection on Star Flyer

At lunchtime, there’s usually a theme, i.e. seafood or Asia, buffet, along with a variety of healthy salad options available. A chef is available to carve the meat of the day, i.e. Roast Chicken / Beef. And if you are hungry between mealtimes, afternoon snacks are served between 5 and 6 at the Tropical bar. 

Seafood in The Restaurant on Star Flyer

Seafood dish served in The Restaurant on Star Flyer

In the evenings, dinner is a memorable affair. A crew member strolls through the corridors, ringing a bell to let everyone know it’s time to eat. Dinner is served between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm, though most guests usually arrive before 8 pm. You’ll be treated to a delightful Seven-course meal with a continental flair, featuring dishes mainly inspired by various European cuisines. Options include fish, meat, or a vegetarian option, and if you fancy steak or a pasta dish of the day,  ask! 

Dinner was always lovely; one night , I had a Slice of roast lamb rack with mashed potato al pesto and another, I had a Grilled fillet of swordfish flavoured with olive oil. Honestly, I could not complain about any of the food or waiting staff. After dessert, there’s a lovely cheese plate to enjoy. As you dine, a live pianist plays soothing melodies on a white baby grand piano in the background. 

Dress Code

One of the great things about Star Flyer is its laid-back atmosphere. There is no need for pre-seating arrangements in the dining room, so you’re free to choose where and with whom you’d like to sit, including the ship’s officers who often join guests for dinner. If a table for two is required, they will try to accommodate it.  

As for attire, you’re encouraged to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. T-shirts and shorts are perfectly acceptable for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, men are required to wear long trousers and typically opt for collared shirts or T-shirts. Women can feel at ease wearing a dress or blouse (Most women wear casual trousers and a blouse). 

Activites & Entertainment 

Tours are available to book (on a first-come, first-served basis) once you have embarked.  Details can be found in the Library or from the Cruise Director (you won’t miss him if it’s Carlos). Depending on the itinerary (and weather), Yoga and meditation sessions are available in the morning, afternoon, or early evening. The sports team will arrange a morning gym class, and you can learn games, such as quoits. There are also daily group walk-a-mile in the morning and afternoon. 

There were also opportunities to take part in Trivia and Music quizzes, or why not treat yourself to an Asian Massage? It is around 60 euros, and availability is limited, especially on sea days, so book early! 


We kicked off our adventure in Malaga bright and early, making a beeline for the port to check in and dropping off our bags for 5 Euros, ensuring they were in safe hands. 

Malaga welcomed us with its delightful café culture and historic charm, perfect for a leisurely exploration before we set sail at 4 pm. After settling in and freshening up, we eagerly awaited dinner and the magical departure at 10 pm. Watching the sails unfurl as we left port was mesmerising, a sight made all the more special by the serene surroundings. 

Our first port of call was Motril, a hidden gem brimming with tropical fruits and flowers. We soaked up the local vibe, hopping between tapas bars, cafes, and boutique shops. The option of exploring Granada added an extra layer of excitement. 

On our day at sea, there was no shortage of fun activities to keep us entertained. There was something for everyone, from sunrise yoga sessions to lazy breakfasts to watching the adventurous souls climb to the Crow’s Nest for panoramic views or simply lounging by the pool. Dance classes and quizzes added to the festive atmosphere, ensuring never a dull moment. 

Next up was Ibiza, where, despite the weather playing spoilsport and cancelling our 4×4 tour, we made the most of our time exploring the charming old town and discovering its ancient secrets. Ibiza’s laid-back vibe and charming Old Town with its boutique shops and harbourside tapas bars were a delightful surprise, offering a refreshing break from its famed nightlife. 

As we bid farewell in Palma de Mallorca, we couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness that our journey aboard the Star Flyer had come to an end. However, the bustling marina provided the perfect backdrop for one last adventure, whether it was hiring a local bike to explore or marvelling at the stunning Santa Maria Cathedral, a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture. 


Saying goodbye to the Star Flyer wasn’t easy. I couldn’t help but think back on all the fun times and friendly faces that made this trip so memorable. Even though the ship was small, it felt like a cosy retreat where everyone was like family. 

The crew were always smiling and ready to chat, whether it was swapping stories with other passengers or helping out with the sails. Waking up to the gentle rocking of the ship, sharing a coffee with the captain, and keeping an eye out for dolphins became some of my favourite moments. 

While the food was tasty, I noticed there weren’t many options for vegetarians. But with a little heads-up, the crew was happy to make something special. 

Leaving the ship felt bittersweet, but I know it’s just the start of more adventures to come. Until next time, Star Flyer, smooth sailing! 

Star Flyer docked

Star Flyer Docked

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