Queen Anne Ship Review – May 2024

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In October, I had the opportunity to visit the Queen Anne at the renowned Fincatineri shipyard in Italy. I was struck not only by the sheer scale of the operation but also by the fact that, apart from the exterior, the ship resembled a construction site—tons of concrete, miles of wiring, and thousands of workers everywhere. They emerged from dimly lit spaces and lined the decks like an army of ants clad in high-visibility gear. With the launch only seven months away, how would the 249th Cunard ship be ready on time?

Fast forward to yesterday, and I found myself standing in exactly the same spot where I had those musings, marvelling at how perfectly everything had come together. Make no mistake, a new Cunard ship is always worth the wait. But this event felt particularly momentous, especially as more than fourteen years have passed since the launch of the Queen Elizabeth.


Cunard Queen Anne Top Deck

Cunard Queen Anne


Queen Anne – Deck & Facilities Review

With just an overnight stay in Southampton to familiarise myself with the ship, time was at a premium, so I explored as much as possible. First things first, although smaller than the Queen Mary 2, Queen Anne is quite the engineering marvel. Walking all thirteen decks will certainly rack up the steps, especially between decks 4 and 8, which are primarily accommodation areas. Decks 9 to 12, which I’d consider the ‘fun’ decks, host the dining venues, pool areas, outdoor entertainment spaces, and the fitness area, including the newly introduced Wellness Studio.

Cunard has truly maximized the outdoor spaces on Queen Anne, creating an environment where weather permitting, one could blissfully spend an entire day just soaking it all in. The ship features Cunard staples such as The Pavilion and the Grills Terrace, the latter reserved exclusively for suite guests, each offering its unique charm. New additions, such as the Cabana Bar, stand out with an extensive cocktail menu that promises to refresh and delight. Additionally, decks that jut out over the sides of the ship afford spectacular, unobstructed views of the ocean and the vessel.

We eagerly explored as much as possible, starting with The Golden Lion for some light refreshments. While it’s meant to evoke a classic English pub, to me, it felt closer to a sophisticated hotel bar one might find in Manhattan. There, you can enjoy an array of drinks, from craft beers to high-end gins. After refreshing ourselves, we moved across the deck to the new-for-Cunard lounge, The Bright Lights Society. This cozy space exudes a jazz club ambiance, offering quirky nighttime entertainment that serves as a charming alternative to the dazzling performances at the ship’s main theatre, The Royal Court.


The Golden Lion on Cunard Queen Anne

The Golden Lion


Next on our agenda was the Mareel Spa, which has undergone a remarkable transformation since my last visit in October. Cunard describes the spa as an “oasis of calm,” and this description couldn’t be more apt. The design team behind Queen Anne has truly exceeded all expectations, creating a serene retreat that invites relaxation. I highly recommend visiting, whether to indulge in a treatment or simply to enjoy the sauna, steam room, and hydrotherapy pool.

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the well-equipped fitness center, which boasts a wide range of high-tech machines, mats, and free weights. Regular classes in pilates and yoga are also available, often held in the expansive Wellness Studio on Deck 11. Unfortunately, the crew was still adding the final touches to the studio during our visit, so we didn’t get to experience it in its full glory.


Fitness Centre on Cunard Queen Anne

Fitness Centre


In the evening, we ventured to The Royal Court to catch a performance of the British classic, “Brief Encounter.” The Royal Court is a hallmark of the Cunard experience, and its incarnation on Queen Anne takes the classic cruise ship theatre to an entirely new level. The space is vast, with thousands of seats, each offering perfect sightlines to the stage. It’s a beautiful setting in which to enjoy one of the many West End-quality productions put on by the extremely talented performers.


The Royal Court, Theatre on Cunard Queen Anne

The Royal Court Theatre


Simply taking the time to explore Queen Anne is an experience in itself. The ship is a treasure trove of intriguing lounges, spaces and venues, each offering its own unique charm. Whether you are onboard for a week or two, the variety is so vast that it seems quite possible no two days would ever be the same.

Queen Anne Accommodation Review

I was allocated a Britannia Balcony Stateroom midship on Deck 11 (room 11,069). Strangely enough, I think I actually walked past my stateroom when I was in the shipyard last October. Back then, it was shrouded in polythene, devoid of plumbing or furniture…

Beyond the balcony and sitting area, the stateroom was equipped with everything one could need. The decor felt modern yet retained that classic Cunard ambience, with dark blues, whites, and touches of gold comprising the colour palette. I was pleased to see Cunard had considered all the details regarding power sockets, catering to both UK and US plugs and providing USB ports.

Although it wasn’t the largest bathroom I’ve encountered (and let’s be honest, how big does a bathroom need to be?), I was satisfied with the standard of amenities, particularly now that Cunard has introduced a proper shower with a glass door.

If there was a minor drawback, it was the absence of still water in our room upon arrival. We were informed that to obtain some, we would need to head down to the self-service area on Deck 9. I’m uncertain if this omission was specific to our brief time onboard or if it is customary, but it is unusual not to find at least a couple of bottles in the mini-bar to ensure guests stay hydrated.

To get a feel of the various accommodation options onboard, the crew had kindly reserved a few suites for us to explore at our leisure. We visited the Princess Grill Suites and the Queen’s Grill—the latter is truly breathtaking, especially the spacious living area.


Princess Grill Suite on Cunard Queen Anne

Princess Grill Suite

Queen Anne Dining Review

Here’s a polished version of your dining experience at the Britannia Restaurant aboard Queen Anne:

Given the brief nature of our journey, all guests were assigned a dining reservation in one of Queen Anne’s nine restaurants. Our allocation was the Britannia Restaurant, arguably the ship’s main dining venue, situated on Deck 2. The restaurant offers a menu that skillfully combines contemporary dishes with classic favorites, all complemented by an impressive selection of fine wines.

Here’s what I enjoyed during our meal:

  • Lyburn Old Winchester Cheese and Saffron Arancini
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Grilled South Coast Lemon Sole Fillets

As you can see; the dishes were regionally influenced and all were thoroughly enjoyable. To be honest, I’ve been lucky enough to sail with many of the ultra-luxury lines and I found the quality and flavour of each dish easily comparable with anything I’ve eaten on those ships.

The following morning, with a 10am disembarkation deadline fast approaching, we made our way to the Artisan’s Foodhall. While this venue operates as a buffet, I was thoroughly impressed by the vast array of options available.

The selection ranges from fresh pastries and healthy choices like smoothies and avocado on toast, to hearty full English breakfasts and omelettes made to order, ensuring a delightful variety for every palate. Although the setting isn’t as opulent as some other areas on Queen Anne, the abundant natural light streaming through large windows complements the light, airy decor, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

If I ever get the opportunity to go on Queen Anne again, then I’d love to dine at some of the ship’s speciality restaurants, of which there are three:

  • Aji Wa – Pan-Asian dishes
  • Aranja – Cunard’s fun take on Indian cuisine
  • Tramonto – Mediterranean flavours

The next in a fine line?

With my time aboard Queen Anne behind me, it’s clear that even a brief stay was sufficient to appreciate Cunard’s remarkable achievement. From the interior decor to the thoughtful little touches, every aspect of the ship reflects a commitment to providing guests with luxury and comfort. Yet, what is truly commendable is how Cunard has embraced modernity and technical innovation without forsaking the air of romance that defines the feeling of being aboard their vessels. Aboard Queen Anne, the past and the future are seamlessly intertwined, offering an experience that is as enchanting as it is impressive.

Are you thinking of taking a Queen Anne cruise? If so, I’d love to know what you think below. Alternatively, if you have any questions aboard the ship or the onboard experience, please let me know below!

2 Responses to Queen Anne Ship Review – May 2024

  1. David Musgrave says:

    Hi David,

    Read your write/up & with the complimentary pics, it seems like a fine vessel We have been fortunate enough to have had several cruises on different lines & looking at the pics, the Queen Anne seems to compare favourably.
    A couple of questions…….,
    How many passengers does she accomodate?
    Is there a published agenda of her upcoming sailings?
    What port(s) does she depart from?

    (Another) Dave

    • David Smith says:

      Hello David!

      Thank you for your comments. Queen Anne really is a fantastic vessel. As I alluded to in the post, I’ve been lucky enough to sail with many of the ultra-luxury lines over the past couple of years and in my opinion, she definitely compares in terms of interiors, dining options, and deck space. Of course, she’s much bigger than those ships, with a maximum guest capacity approx. 3000 guests.

      In terms of embarkation ports, you’ll find sailings departing from a variety of ports, but her home ports are Southampton, Hamburg, Hong Kong and Sydney. You’ll also find itineraries from New York, Cape Town and Singapore.

      If you’d like to browse Queen Anne’s upcoming cruises, you can click here: https://rb.gy/d9pkja

      Hope this information helps!


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