Mekong River Cruises

Perfect for providing a taste of South East Asia’s diverse landscape, our collection of Mekong River cruises guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Cruising the Mekong River is one of the best ways to explore countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar in a relatively short space of time. Throughout your journey you will pass through some of the regions stunning scenery; past ancient temples, waterside communities and dense rainforests, all of which can be enjoyed from the deck of your luxury river ship. At various points you will be invited ashore to explore on foot, with the option to further enhance these experiences with guided tours and excursions.

The Mekong is one of the largest rivers in Asia and is over 3050 miles long. Flowing through China and Indonesia, the Mekong River passes through six countries including Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. River cruises on the Mekong generally vary in length with most operators offering itineraries from 7 to 10 nights.

Like other popular river routes in Asia (such as the Yangtze), cruises on the Mekong River are offered by a number of specialist operators, including AmaWaterways and Scenic. You will find that all modern vessels sailing the Mekong come equipped with luxuriously comfortable accommodation, sumptuous dining options and a very high standard of service.

Excursions on Mekong River cruises

From guided trips to the colourful Cái Bè district in Vietnam to sightseeing tours of the sobering Killing Fields in Cambodia, you will be delighted with the excursions available to you a Mekong River cruise. A great way to learn about the culture, cuisine and history of the places you visit, many shore excursions that are offered as part of a Mekong River cruise feature specialist tour guides and native speakers which can really add to the authenticity of your experiences ashore.

The best time of year for Mekong River Cruises

The best time of year to enjoy a Mekong River cruise is between November and March. It is during this time that the climate is at its most comfortable. Those in search of more favourable fares or seeking a special offer will find that there are often cruise deals available between June and August. However, please be aware that the weather in the region during these months can be unforgiving in terms of heat and humidity.

Why choose a Mekong River cruise?

  • A great introduction to several of Asia’s most interesting countries.
  • Breath-taking natural scenery – ideal for photography enthusiasts.
  • The Mekong boasts one of the largest populations of wildlife in the world with over 1200 species of fish alone!
  • Superb range of cruise lines to choose from, including AmaWaterways, Scenic and Pandaw River Cruises.
  • Pre or post-cruise hotel stays offered on many itineraries.

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