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Vava'u is pure paradise. The longer a visitors stays, the more he will be spell-bound by the charms of this northern archipelago of 71 islands. Vava'u is rapidly becoming the tourist center of Tonga. The visitor will find excellent restaurants, plus a choice of hotels, resorts and guest houses – mostly located in or around Neiafu township

Visitors can explore the archipelago aboard a yacht or launch, or take a scenic flight. With an abundance of white sand beaches protected by colorful coral reefs – swimming and observing the diverse life on the reefs are superb.

If you are interested in conchology, the reefs supply a museum-like array of Pacific shells. Diving tours are professionally organized to nearby shipwrecks and caves. In the clear, crystalline, water visibility extends beyond 30 meters.

Fishing is a traditional way of life in Vava'u and visitors are able to participate in fishing trips, and honor and an unforgettable experience.

Tonga is renowned for its handicrafts, reputedly the finest in the Pacific, and on Vava'u the choice is fabulous

Activities – It's the sun, the scenery and lazy days with water-based recreation that Vava'u offers its visitors. The elevated and thickly forested islands provide for pleasant walking and magnificent views are second to none. The air is filled with the fragrance of rich vanilla pods – so important to the Vava'u economy.

Game Fishing – Take the opportunity and fish in some of the finest waters in the Pacific. All anglers can be winners when the Tonga International Games Fishing Association hosts the annual event during late September. Try your skills a landing a "Blue Marlin" , the ultimate fighting marlin species, or enjoy landing or tagging your first bill-fish. Sport-fishing launches based at Vava'u include the "Kiwi Magic" which is available for sailing and sightseeing. Here the fisherman can find Mahimahi, Sailfish and Yellow-tail Tuna.

Kayaking – Skirt palm fringed island and coral reefs. Explore marine caves and comb white sand beaches. Sea-kayaking is an adventure you can safely try in Vava'u. Friendly Islands Kayaking, Vava'u, has experienced guides taking kayaking tours for eight day s trips to places only very recently discovered by visitors. Meet the island villagers on Tauna. It's like going back in time. Here the inhabitants are doing what they have done for centuries – living off the sea and land.

Feasts – Join the happy crowd and tuck into a roost suckling pig, octopus, fish, clams, lobster, crayfish and taro backed in the traditional underground 'umu. Saturdays are the best days for feasts, due to the high demand several feasts are also held on week nights on some of the island beaches. Sit on mats on the floor, tuck in and enjoy traditional dancing and guitar music. Lisa Beach, Ano Beach and Ocean Breeze offer some fine feasts.

Whale Watching – Humpback whales arrive in Tongan waters from about June through to November. The whales come here to calf and to mate. Only the male whales sing. Special speakers for whale-watching are plugged into a hydrophone installed on board the Phoenix catamaran based at Neiafu. Teta Tours, Nuku'alofa, the Bounty Bar, Neiafu take bookings amongst multi-hued coral reefs filled with marine life. For whale watching. Dolphin Pacific Diving, Vava'u too offered whale watching programs.

Scuba Diving – Scuba diving opens up an adventure wonderland for both the experienced and newly initiated. Diving instruction, tours and equipment are available from several PADI qualified operators in Vava'u. Peter Goldstein of Vava'u Water Sports has been offering diving since 1982. Dolphin Pacific Diving at the Tongan Beach Resort, can provide tuition and help with underwater photography on their spectacular underwater excursions.

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