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Lauren is one of two work experience students who joined us at Cruise Line House this week.  Having never been on a cruise holiday before – and knowing very little about cruising when she first walked in the door this morning – we set Lauren a challenge of writing a blog post for us on Oceania Cruises.  She spent the rest of the day reading Oceania brochures, watching promotional videos and asking our Cruise Experts questions before writing up her contribution which you can read below. She did a great job!


Why I would love to travel with Oceania Cruises!   – By Lauren Harman

“Your World. Your way.”

Oceania Cruises was founded in 2002. In the 11 years that they have been operating, they have worked closely with “The Cruise Line” (2003). Oceania promotes the ideology that it’s “Your world. Your way.” no matter where you choose to explore. “Oceania Cruises is renowned for offering an exceptional experience at incredible value”. Many cruises have a variety of free of charge services included: Airfare, shuttles from port to city centre in many ports of call, speciality restaurants, unlimited restaurants, unlimited soft drinks and bottled water, hot drinks and juices, room service menu, 24 hours a day. Not only this, but the ships are “easy to navigate yourself around” which avoids being lost in a huge ship by yourself or with a companion. They also have their own policy which they believe is the most important part of the company in a particular order, as follows: Service, ambiance, cuisine and destination.

Fantastic and Modern!

These beautiful, out of this world cruise ships are extremely modern. They have recently introduced a new menu. This includes dishes like the 72-hour show braised short rib with “Gnocchi au jus”. This luxurious, upmarket dish sounds an absolute delight! With plenty more dishes to choose from you can now enjoy them on a refurbished ship. This modernising process will include a refurbishment of the “Terrace café” on the Marina and Riviera. As well as this there will be in addition, the “Barista’s Coffee Bar”. There will be more tables for two so you are able to have a meal with your loved one just as you would on land and the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® will receive new steam rooms so you can relax all you want. There are also several more refurbishments – too many to list to make this cruise line even better than it already is – if that is possible!?  Oceania Cruises say: “We will preserve the personality elegance and comfort of these vessels while furnishing certain areas with the updated décor and amenities found on Marina and Riviera. This will ensure a consistent experience across the fleet that we know our guests will love and appreciate”.

Beautiful Destinations

Oceania cruises go to some of the most beautiful places in the world. They travel all across the world: Alaska, South America, the Caribbean, the Amazon, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean and Europe. Oceania Cruises offer voyages to some of the world’s top cruise destinations. These range from Alaska to South America or the Mediterranean to Asia.

Second Opinion

Many people have cruised with Oceania Cruises. One of these people is Louise Craddock, She works for Oceania Cruises in the sales department as sales manager. Recently, she got to go on one of the cruises that Oceania provide. She said that this one was her favourite and that went on the Riviera and has said that “there is nothing better on the market than Oceania Cruises” and it “was above her expectations” and was “inspired”. She said that the cruise line itself is upper premium and has an impeccable service and is very elegant but yet still has a relaxed ambiance. She liked the layout of the restaurants and how the were very open planned and a variety in restaurants which several cuisines. Furthermore, she thoroughly enjoyed the “relaxed ambiance” and that it wasn’t a formal dinner every evening and that if you wanted to dress up, you could. She explained the exceptional quality of food, not to mention free of charge. She explained how the company spend more money on the food than any other cruise line – this shows the elegance and luxury of the food.  Jacques Pépin who is an internationally recognised French chef has eaten on the Marina ship sailed by Oceania Cruises. He said that “Food” is to be “shared by family or friends”  and this is what makes a meal “great”.


Jos Dewing, Managing Director of the Cruise Line has said that on the Marina ship “The passion [for food] flows through the signature restaurants” and that you “you could just spend a week on-board looking at the artwork, which hangs through the ship”. Also, another member of staff at the cruise line has said that the “beef is hung for 28 days for tenderness” and have explained how exceptionally delicious they think it is.

Why would you not want to go on a cruise with Oceania Cruises? It is fantastic! It offers a cooking school on board the Marina – one woman even bought  shark in France and then cooked it on board! It has fantastic art pieces, luxurious food and open fires. Oceania Cruises also offer “no fly” cruises. This means that you do not have to fly to your beginning port of your cruise. This is appealing to those who dislike planes and do not want extra travel expenses. So why would you not want to go on a cruise with Oceania Cruises?

Copyright Lauren Harman 2013. This blog represents the thoughts, feelings and learnings of its author and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy

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