Are Cruise Excursions Worth The Extra Cost?

December 16, 2016



Are cruise excursions worth the extra cost? That really is the million dollar question. We would say yes, in most cases they are worth the extra cost, but sometimes, you can do the same tours independently for less cost and have virtually the same experience.

It really all depends on your cruise situation, how much you want to spend, what it is that you actually want to see or do, and where in the world it is. I know, it does sound quite confusing, but maybe the following will help…

Booking Shore Excursions with Your Cruise Line

Booking a shore excursion with your cruise line directly is always going to be the safest option when it comes to being back on time for your ships departure, especially if it is an all day tour, such as a visit to Rome from the port of Civitavecchia. Even if your group is several hours late back to the port, the ship will wait for you IF it is an organised excursion.

If you are travelling alone, then organised excursions are absolutely perfect for you and we would certainly recommend them as your first shore excursion choice. You can enjoy your day among familiar faces and relax in the knowledge that you won’t get lost and you won’t miss your ship. Many people worry about exploring ashore when they are travelling alone, but this takes all that fear away and simply allows you to look forward to your ports of call.

Many cruise lines, including Regent Seven Seas, offer their shore excursions included with the cost of your fare, so there are no additional charges, others offer a brochure of various shore excursions at an additional charge.

Independent Shore Excursions

Independent can mean with a third-party shore excursions group or simply on your own.

The main issue with booking an independent tour is the ship not being in port should you arrive back late. This is the single biggest risk you take when venturing on your own or with a third party company. It is very rare, however, for tours to return late, which is why we would also suggest that you browse third party companies when looking to plan your port days or even just go off and do your own thing.

If exploring independently is something you would prefer to do, then we highly recommend Cruising Excursions. We have worked closely with this company for many years and they offer a trusted service in hundreds of ports around the world. Aside from having a wide variety of excursions available, they can also offer more tailor-made tours aimed towards family fun, tours for groups and also accessible excursions for those with disabilities. Port transfers are available, too.

Of course, exploring under your own steam is also fun and it’s often nice to have a mix of organised tours and days where you can just do your own thing – especially if you have several port days in a row. Once you have booked your cruise it always pays to do a little research into attractions that are close-by, for example in Tortola many cruise lines and excursion companies offer tours to beaches such as Cane Garden Bay, but this beach is also easily available via taxi for as low as $5 per person. It also means you aren’t under any time restraints, so if you want to stay a little longer than you had initially planned, you can.


Book Shore Excursions with The Cruise Line

At The Cruise Line we offer a wide selection of shore excursions for virtually every cruise line in the world. Prices are competitive and we guarantee to get you back to your ship on time. You can browse all of our available shore excursions by clicking here, alternatively you can call one of our Cruise Experts on 0800 008 6677.

One Response to Are Cruise Excursions Worth The Extra Cost?

  1. Rob says:

    The excursions I have most enjoyed were relatively close to our port and I received just what I was expecting or more. When we ended up traveling by bus or van between 1 to 3 hours it was way too far. I’d much rather laze on the beach and relax than be jostled along like cattle of lemmings through the money grabbing tourists line-up

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