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Embarking on a solo cruise is an exhilarating adventure that promises a unique blend of freedom, relaxation, and exploration. As a solo cruiser, you have the world at your fingertips, with endless possibilities for discovery and self-discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned solo traveller or setting sail alone for the first time, our blog is here to be your compass, guiding you through the vast ocean of solo cruising with the best tips, insights, and advice.

Choose a Cruise Line that’s Solo-Friendly

First and foremost, the right cruise and voyage are vital! If you prefer the love of your own company, travelling aboard something bigger with anonymity may be what you need. However, if you want to make new friends and mingle with them, going small is absolutely an option.

Oceania Cruises offers solo travellers a dreamy getaway, reserving staterooms with a reduced single supplement of up to 50% for selected categories, up to 8 free shore excursions and a complimentary beverage package. Throughout the year, some cruise lines tend to offer discounted single supplements.

P&O Cruises is a famous cruise line offering several modern staterooms and extravagant amenities. Ventura and Azura have six inside single cabins, and 12 outside single cabins, whereas Britannia has 27 dedicated single cabins; 15 of these cabins have a balcony alongside a casino and an art gallery. There are brilliant programmes of activities with social mixers, dances and social event nights exclusively for solo travellers.

Cunard Cruises is a transatlantic expert proud to cater to solo travellers with a choice of single spacious oceanview staterooms; there are nine single staterooms on Queen Elizabeth and 15 on Queen Mary 2. Cunard organises various social and activity events for solo cruisers, meaning guests can be as sociable as they wish. Queen Mary 2 is the only cruise ship that offers kennels at sea if you ever decide to travel with your furry companion.

Norwegian Cruise Line pioneered the concept of solo cruising with their “Studio” staterooms. These specially designed cabins are exclusively for solo travellers. They include access to a private lounge for socialising and organising solo traveller meetups and activities, making it a popular choice for those solo travelling.

Take part in Group Events with other Solo Cruisers.

Many cruise lines organise meetups or social events for solo travellers. Participating in these activities is a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends on your journey. Solo cruising allows you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the opportunity to try new activities, meet people from different backgrounds, and explore unfamiliar destinations. And you might discover hidden talents or develop lifelong friendships.

Say Yes to Dining with New People

Some cruises offer solo tables around dinner time and un-hosted solo tables every night after for people who want to enjoy the company of new follow friends at dinner. This is a fantastic way to meet new people, engage in conversations and make meaningful connections.

Take Onboard Classes

Be bold and take the opportunity to get involved in all the onboard activities and classes. You can try gin tasting, brush up your cookery skills, or even take a dance lesson – it’s a great way to meet people with similar interests. Below is a handful of classes that you might find yourself participating in on various cruises:

Oceania Cruises offers Culinary classes, Wine Tasting and Wine Pairing, Mixology Classes, Arts and Crafts workshops and Fitness and Wellness Classes.

P&O Cruises offers Cookery Classes, Dance Classes, Wine Tasting and Mixology, Fitness and Wellness Classes, Photography Workshops and Enrichment Lectures. 

Cunard Cruises offers Cunard Insight Lectures, Art Classes, Dance Lessons, Bridge Lessons, Culinary Workshops and Wine Tasting and Mixology. 

Norwegian Cruises offers Fitness Classes. Dance Classes, Language Lessons, Enrichment Lectures, Culinary Workshops and Arts and Crafts Workshop.

Seabourn Cruises offers Wine Tasting and Enology Classes. Fitness and Wellness Classes, Photography Workshops, Arts and Crafts, Culinary Demonstrations and Seabourn Conversations.

Book Shore Excursions Through the Cruise Line

Take advantage of the chance to explore the ports of call. Take the opportunity to bond with fellow solo cruisers and share experiences by joining group shore excursions, taking guided tours to discover the destinations, or even walking a short distance with other passengers. Below is a list of excursions that some cruise line offers:

Oceania Cruises 

  • City Tours: visit iconic sites, historical monuments, museums, and local markets.
  • Scenic Drives: Explore picturesque landscapes, breathtaking views of natural wonders, coastal scenery, and various scenic routes.
  • Active Adventures: Get ready for hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, and biking.
  • Wildlife Encounters: You can observe and interact with the local animals but also go on wildlife safaris, bird-watching tours, or marine wildlife encounters, providing memorable experiences with nature.
  • Historical sites: Broaden your knowledge with Historical and Archaeological Sites, which allows you to visit ancient ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and historically significant landmarks.

P&O Cruises

  • Cultural experiences: Cruisers can visit cultural attractions, landmarks, and historical sites, visit museums, and discover the local culture and history.
  • Cultural excursions: Immerse yourself in visits to local markets, art galleries, traditional performances, and workshops to learn about traditional crafts. 
  •  Outdoor Adventures: If you are in the mood for some action, get involved in hiking, zip-lining, snorkelling, and kayaking to explore the destination’s natural beauty. 
  • Culinary Activities: You can participate in food tours, cooking classes, and wine tastings to sample regional delicacies and learn about local cuisines. 
  • Historical and Archaeological Sites: Delve into the destination’s past, or go on wildlife safaris, nature walks, and boat tours to experience the destination’s biodiversity.

Cunard Cruises 

  • City Attractions: Take part in guided city tours in many ports of call and take the opportunity to explore the landmarks of each destination.
  • Cultural Experiences: You’ll have the opportunity to see cultural performances and visit museums, temples and art galleries.
  • Scenic Drives: Visit charming villages and picturesque views where you can capture memorable moments. 
  • Active Adventures: Cunard offers adventurous excursions such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and snorkelling.
  • Culinary Experiences: Cunard cruisers can participate in food tours, cooking classes, wine tastings, or visits to local farms or wineries, allowing them to savour authentic flavours.
  • Wildlife Endenvours: Cruisers can observe and interact with local animals. Passengers can go on wildlife safaris, bird-watching tours, or marine wildlife encounters, providing unique and memorable experiences with nature.
  • Historical Sites: Excursions include visits to ancient ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or historical landmarks, providing fascinating insights.

Book early

Solo cabins tend to be limited in number and can sell out quickly. To secure the best deals and cabin options, book your solo cruise well in advance when there is a sale, usually 12 to 24 ahead of the date.

For more information on going solo on a cruise holiday, please call our Voyage Consultants on 0800 008 6677. Alternatively, please take a look at our latest solo traveller cruise deals.

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