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From the air, the Maldives look almost like a string of precious jewels scattered with casual abandon across the sparkling carpet of the ocean, landing in random patterns. But this spectacular vista is still surpassed by another. To really get what the Maldives are about, they are truly best seen from the sea itself.

Cruising the Maldives represents the most effective and satisfying way of seeing the wonders of these stunning, storied islands. Weaving between island paradises burnished by the glow of a setting sun, a cruise lines' vessel provides a perfect haven of peace and relaxation from which to savour one of the most sublime natural panoramas on the face of the planet.

Fully packaged with flights, hotels and transfers where necessary, a luxury cruise brings the vibrancy of the Maldives to life with incredible clarity. Nestled south west of Sri Lanka, the chain of the Maldives lies right on the equator. The climate year round is balmy, with warm trade winds often the norm.

Few of the islands are actually more than two kilometres in length, and it is rare for any of them to rise more than six feet above the cobalt blue hue of the Indian Ocean. Yet almost each and every one of them possesses a beauty and sense of serenity that is almost heart stopping. Cruises to the Maldives are a truly unique experience.

Your cruise ship will deposit you smartly into what amounts to several little slices of heaven. Swathes of blinding, ivory white sand that fold slowly into warm, rolling blue surf that laps almost apologetically at that shimmering carpet of sand. Fishing boats in vibrant shades of electric blue dot those same beaches in places. Hammocks are slung lazily between pairs of giant, spindly palm trees, where the slowly dancing leaves give shade from the sun. Practically the only thing disturbing the peace here is the sound of the gently rolling surf kissing the shoreline.

The local language is the lilting Dhiveni, and is only to be heard on the Maldives. From on board your ship, you might see giant turtles wading ponderously ashore as the setting sun turns the ocean into what looks like a sea of blazing straw. The sense of serenity and peace is something that you never forget.

In all, some two hundred of these delicate slivers of land are inhabited and, while fishing is also a big industry, the mainstay of the islands is still tourism. Check out one of the local delicacies such as Gula- fried fish balls with tuna and coconut- for an authentic Maldives experience.

The seafood anywhere here will be superb. Tuna, marlin and sailfish are specialities, together with shark. But it is sheer physical beauty of the Maldives themselves that provide a scenic smorgasbord every day and night of your cruise in and around these paradise islands.

Sheer physical distance makes flying to the Maldives a challenge, and hotel costs are uniformly high. A luxury cruise cuts out the middle man, and allows a stunning, safe environment from which to savour the matchless panorama of these fabled ‘Pearls of the Indian Ocean' in unforgettable style.

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