Cruising: Through The Eyes Of A Cat


Since the publication of her first book  Sheila Collins has won an army of fans with her humorous tales of everyday life told through a cat’s eyes.  A seasoned cruiser herself, Sheila told us a little bit more about her latest book and why she chose to write about cruising through the eyes of a fat tabby cat named Truffles.

All At Sea With Truffles – by Shelia Collins

I’ve received much enthusiasm for my latest book about taking a Mediterranean cruise on a luxury cruise ship and people have been curious to know why it is that my CAT is ‘writing’ about it!

At Sea with Truffles - Sheila Collins

Sheila Collins & Ann Widdcombe at the signing of At Sea With Truffles

Well – let alone Truffles the cat – I am a total cruise addict dating from 1991 when I won a cruise to the Bahamas!  My late partner, having worked on fishing trawlers, although initially unenthusiastic, quickly realised a cruise ship can hardly be compared to a fishing boat and from that moment we both became hooked on cruising!   I have clocked up over 40 cruises, and now I am on my own, cruising is still a perfect holiday for a single woman – it’s safe, you are pampered by the crew, meet lots of people and see different countries all from the comfort of your own floating bedsit!

I am an author and write humorous books looking at human life viewed through a cat’s eyes.  “Truffles’ Diaries”  where Truffles describes her day-to-day activities and also recalls true funny stories relating to her experiences with our other pets – a St Bernard, a Basset Hound, a Macaw and five other cats of assorted shapes and sizes – with the laughs mostly being on the hapless humans!   Ann Widdecombe does the forewards.

Whilst cruising last year, it was suggested by both passengers and crew I write a book about cruising as all you seem to see in bookstores are books about the Titanic or vintage ocean going liners. Nothing about the wonderful palaces on the seas of today!  As I said, I write humour, so yes I could write a book about a cruise, but it wouldn’t necessarily be that funny! So I decided to imagine taking Truffles the cat on a cruise with me with her ‘writing’ a blow by blow account of a two week cruise as seen through her eyes!! The book covers everything from packing, getting to Southampton, checking in, embarkation and life on board etc.  For more details go to

Happy Cruising – Hope the book makes  you laugh!

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