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Ushuaia Cruises

Originally founded as an outpost on the Beagle Channel by the South American Missionary Society, Ushuaia has developed into a fast-growingfrontier town. The capital of the Argentinean part of Tierra del Fuegoboasts a spectacular setting.The jagged peaks of the Martial Rangerising from sea level to nearly 4,500 feet provide Ushuaia with adramatic backdrop. The surrounding areas offer great outdoorrecreational possibilities, such as trekking, hiking and fishing.Rugged roads lead into the mountain and lake region and to Lapataia,which is part of the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Ushuaia itselfhas an interesting museum and a wide variety of shops sellingeverything from souvenirs and outdoor wear to duty-free luxury items.Several restaurants offer excellent seafood. Most of the town can beexplored on foot in a fairly short time; the real attraction lies inthe rugged beauty and unspoiled nature of the area surrounding Ushuaia.

From the 16th-century voyages of Magellan and the 19th-centuryexplorations of Charles Darwin to the present time, Tierra del Fuegohas held an ambivalent fascination for scores of adventurous travelers.Separated from the South American mainland by the Strait of Magellan,the archipelago consists of one large island with numerous smallerislands surrounding Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. Most of them areuninhabited. The name derived from the fires that the Yahganes Indianskept burning day and night in order to keep warm. This prompted thefirst Europeans to name their discovery Tierra del Fuego (Land ofFire). For more than three centuries the climate and terraindiscouraged European settlement; the island, which is shared byArgentina and Chile, is now famous throughout the world. Charles Darwinvisited here in 1832 aboard the HMS Beagle and incorporated theregion's biological diversity into his theories.

Travelers tothis remote and rugged area of South America never can be certain whatthe weather is going to be like; experiencing four seasons in onesingle day is the norm rather than the exception. However, one fact isalways certain: the spirit of the rough frontier prevails and thescenic beauty is awesome. Guests who delight in nature that remainslargely unspoiled will appreciate our call at the world's southernmosttown.