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Saqqaq Cruises

The Saqqaq culture is the archaeological designation of the earliest Palaeo-Eskimo culture of West and Southeast Greenland. The time frame is roughly 2.500 BC - 800 BC. The upper time limit is currently being questioned in connection with the discussion on the transition from Saqqaq to Early Dorset culture (Dorset I) in West Greenland. Several researchers have attempted to divide the Saqqaq culture into chronological phases, based on typology (harpoon heads and stone tools) and raw material preferences. At present, however, the changes in Saqqaq material culture seem to be long-term, continuous and regionally different. A Late Saqqaq phase from about 1200/1000 BC until the transition to Dorset I has recently been suggested based on the appearance of, among other things, ground end-blades and stone lamps.