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Bigge Island Cruises

Bigge Island is the largest island in the Bonaparte Archipelago in the very far north of Western Australia. It was named by Capt. Phillip Parker King in 1820 after the man who led a royal commission of inquiry into the state of the colony of New South Wales. The island is rugged and barren, being composed of ancient quartzose sandstone which has been weathered into some fantastic shapes. The island is populated by the small Monjon rock wallaby and the Northern Quoll and free of feral pests.
The island is famous as a site for some amazing rock art, including 'contact art' spread over many sites. Both Gwion Gwion (also known as Bradshaw) art and Wandjina art is in evidence. The Wandjina figures on Bigge Island, being close to the sea, are known as Kaiaira or Sea Wandjinas. The Wandjina figures are distinctive for what appear to be haloes around the head of each figure. In fact, these haloes represent clouds as the Wandjina are cloud spirits intimately linked to the weather. Painted by the Wunambal people, you may also see images of sailing ships and figures smoking pipes.