World Cruise – Ft. Lauderdale to London

Departing on the Viking Sky on 20 Dec 2023 for 137 nights.

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Please note this itinerary is for reference only, please call us to confirm ports and times before booking.

20/12/2023Ft. Lauderdale, United States00:1200:12
21/12/2023Scenic Cruising00:1200:12
22/12/2023Cozumel, Mexico 00:1200:12
23/12/2023Cruise the Caribbean Sea00:1200:12
24/12/2023Cruise the Caribbean Sea00:1200:12
25/12/2023Cartagena, Colombia00:1200:12
26/12/2023Colón, Panama00:1200:12
27/12/2023Scenic Cruising: Panama Canal00:1200:12
28/12/2023Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:1200:12
29/12/2023Puntarenas, Costa Rica00:1200:12
30/12/2023Corinto, Nicaragua00:1200:12
31/12/2023Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:1200:12
01/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
02/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
03/01/2024Cabo San Lucas, Mexico00:0100:01
04/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
05/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
06/01/2024Los Angeles, California, USA00:0100:01
07/01/2024Santa Barbara00:0100:01
08/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
09/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
10/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
11/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
12/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
13/01/2024Oahu (Honolulu)00:0100:01
14/01/2024Kauai (Nawiliwili)00:0100:01
15/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
16/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
17/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
18/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
19/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
20/01/2024Bora Bora, French Polynesia00:0100:01
21/01/2024Moorea (Opunoha Bay)00:0100:01
22/01/2024Papeete, Tahiti00:0100:01
23/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
24/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
25/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
26/01/2024Cross the International Date Line00:0100:01
27/01/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0100:01
28/01/2024Bay of Islands, New Zealand00:0100:01
29/01/2024Auckland, New Zealand00:0100:01
30/01/2024Auckland, New Zealand00:0100:01
31/01/2024Auckland, New Zealand00:0100:01
01/02/2024Rotorua, New Zealand00:0200:02
02/02/2024Napier, New Zealand00:0200:02
03/02/2024Wellington, New Zealand00:0200:02
04/02/2024Cruise the Pacific Ocean00:0200:02
05/02/2024Scenic Cruising00:0200:02
06/02/2024Cruise the Tasman Sea00:0200:02
07/02/2024Cruise the Tasman Sea00:0200:02
08/02/2024Tasmania, Australia00:0200:02
09/02/2024Phillip Island, Australia00:0200:02
10/02/2024Melbourne, Australia00:0200:02
11/02/2024Cruise the Tasman Sea00:0200:02
12/02/2024Eden, Australia00:0200:02
13/02/2024Sydney, Australia00:0200:02
14/02/2024Sydney, Australia00:0200:02
15/02/2024Cruise the Australian Coast00:0200:02
16/02/2024Brisbane, Australia00:0200:02
17/02/2024Cruise the Coral Sea00:0200:02
18/02/2024Whitsunday Island, Australia00:0200:02
19/02/2024Cairns, Australia00:0200:02
20/02/2024Cruise the Coral Sea00:0200:02
21/02/2024Thursday Island, Australia00:0200:02
22/02/2024Cruise the Arafura Sea00:0200:02
23/02/2024Cruise the Arafura Sea00:0200:02
24/02/2024Cruise the Timor Sea00:0200:02
25/02/2024Komodo, Indonesia00:0200:02
26/02/2024Bali, Indonesia00:0200:02
27/02/2024Bali, Indonesia00:0200:02
28/02/2024Bali, Indonesia00:0200:02
29/02/2024Cruise the Java Sea00:0200:02
01/03/2024Semarang, Java00:0300:03
02/03/2024Cruise the Java Sea00:0300:03
03/03/2024Cruise the South China Sea00:0300:03
04/03/2024Cruise the South China Sea00:0300:03
05/03/2024Ho Chi Minh City00:0300:03
06/03/2024Ho Chi Minh City00:0300:03
07/03/2024Ho Chi Minh City00:0300:03
08/03/2024Cruise the South China Sea00:0300:03
09/03/2024Koh Samui, Thailand 00:0300:03
10/03/2024Scenic Cruising: Gulf of Thailand00:0300:03
11/03/2024Singapore, Singapore00:0300:03
12/03/2024Singapore, Singapore00:0300:03
13/03/2024Scenic Cruising00:0300:03
14/03/2024Phuket, Thailand00:0300:03
15/03/2024Cruise the Andaman Sea00:0300:03
19/03/2024Scenic Cruising Bay of Bengal00:0300:03
20/03/2024Scenic Cruising Bay of Bengal00:0300:03
21/03/2024Scenic Cruising Bay of Bengal00:0300:03
24/03/2024Cruise the Laccadive Sea 00:0300:03
25/03/2024Cochin, India00:0300:03
26/03/2024Cruise the Arabian Sea00:0300:03
27/03/2024Goa, India00:0300:03
28/03/2024Mumbai, India00:0300:03
29/03/2024Mumbai, India00:0300:03
30/03/2024Mumbai, India00:0300:03
31/03/2024Cruise the Arabian Sea00:0300:03
01/04/2024Cruise the Arabian Sea00:0400:04
03/04/2024Cruise the Red Sea00:0400:04
04/04/2024Cruise the Red Sea00:0400:04
05/04/2024Cruise the Red Sea00:0400:04
06/04/2024Cruise the Red Sea00:0400:04
07/04/2024Aqaba, Jordan00:0400:04
08/04/2024Luxor, Egypt00:0400:04
09/04/2024Cruise the Gulf of Suez00:0400:04
10/04/2024Scenic Cruising00:0400:04
13/04/2024Cruise the Mediterranean Sea00:0400:04
15/04/2024Ephesus (Kusadasi)00:0400:04
18/04/2024Cruise the Aegen Sea00:0400:04
19/04/2024Athens (Piraeus)00:0400:04
20/04/2024Cruise the Mediterranean Sea00:0400:04
21/04/2024Sicily (Trapani), Italy00:0400:04
23/04/2024Rome, Italy00:0400:04
24/04/2024Monte Carlo00:0400:04
25/04/2024Cruise the Balearic Sea00:0400:04
27/04/2024Murcia, Spain00:0400:04
28/04/2024Cruise the Strait of Gibraltar00:0400:04
30/04/2024Cruise the Atlantic Ocean 00:0400:04
01/05/2024Scenic Cruising00:0500:05
02/05/2024Paris (Le Havre), France00:0500:05
03/05/2024Dover, United Kingdom00:0500:05
04/05/2024London (Greenwich), England00:0500:05
05/05/2024London (Greenwich), England00:0500:05


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