It’s Just A Luxury Cruise Quiz, Or Is It?

September 27, 2013



Need help choosing your next luxury cruise?

With so many different choices out there it can be incredibly difficult to decide which cruise line and ultimately which cruise ship to pick for your ideal cruise holiday, but maybe we can help!

We introduced an online quiz a few months ago simply titled “the luxury cruise quiz” to help people choose their ideal cruise line. It works simply by process of elimination through image selection. Being a bit of a sceptic to these kinds of things I have to admit at first I was a little apprehensive however, I gave it a try and was actually surprised by the outcome.

Let me talk you through it, first of all this is the quiz

Question 1: Which luxury cruise scene most inspires you to travel?

Personally I like a bit of everything, but I have said for many years one of the most important things for me about cruising are the uninterrupted sunsets, obviously that was my main image choice, but I also like the WOW factor of stunning scenery so I picked that one too. A little greedy, I know, but there’s no limit on how many images you can select. After all the point is to find your ideal match.

Question 2: How would you spend your days in port?

For this question I actually could have selected all the images, I like to have a variety of everything when in port. I decided however to go with the nature option as I am a big animal and nature lover. I also selected the sight-seeing option as there are certain sights in our world that truly should not be missed, I have to say the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of them.

Question 3: How would you spend your days at sea?

Again I picked two images, the whale and the lady relaxing on the deck. That is exactly how I spend my sea days, every cruise!

Question 4: What style of luxury dining is for you?

For this question I simply went with the Al-Fresco option. If the evening air is warm, there is no better place to dine than out on the open deck. I sometimes like a less formal setting too so this option is ideal for me.

Question 5: What place would you most like to visit?

Lady Liberty won this round. I have visited New York before, many years ago, and it is a place I would one day like to explore again.

Question 6: Would you take your luxury cruise with family or friends?

At this moment in my life I would say friends. I usually cruise with friends, every woman needs a “girl’s holiday” at some point and cruising is the perfect excuse. Although I do cruise solo occasionally.

Question 7: What age category best describes you?

I am in the -44 age group.

Question 8: How much are you planning to spend?

I usually sit in the middle. I don’t like to overspend, I nearly always have a budget, but I don’t want to underspend and miss out either.

Question 8 marks the end of the quiz and the next frame reveals your ideal match. Can you guess which cruise line was recommended for me?

My results showed Silversea was my match followed closely by Seabourn and Crystal Cruises and I have to say I really do think the Silversea match was perfect!

Silversea are all-inclusive and If there’s one thing I don’t like thinking about when cruising it is my cabin bill. Gratuities are included, all staterooms are ocean-view and they sail 5 beautiful ships to every destination you could possibly imagine. They also often offer upto $1500 in on board credit which can be used on things onboard like internet, spa treatments and boutique shopping, perfect!

Give the quiz a try, it only takes a minute at the most and you may just find your perfect cruise line match!

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