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Why SeaDream

Why SeaDream?

I first experienced the magic (and it is magic) of SeaDream in 2014, when I directly worked for The Cruise Line, and I am thrilled to come back as a guest blogger to update my view of what makes a SeaDream voyage so different from the average luxury cruise. At The Cruise Line, we sold […]

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Avoid These Mistakes When Booking A Cruise Blog

Avoid These Mistakes When Booking A Cruise

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re looking for your next (or especially your first) cruise. There are just so many temptations, special offers and added ‘extras’ that they can make your head spin. And not in a good way. As we often have to tell our parents, “Just because it says 50 per […]

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The Delights of a Christmas Cruise

The Delights of a Christmas Cruise!

It’s undoubtedly a thought that has crossed everyone’s minds – wouldn’t Christmas be great if you didn’t have to do all that faffing around with cooking, cleaning and decorating; without, you know, all the hassle? Well, we are here this week to tell you there is one sure-fire way to enjoy all the festivities without […]

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Top Ten reasons to cruise with Seabourn

10 Reasons To Cruise With Seabourn

By Simon & Susan Veness Back in 1987, a group of Norwegian investors decided that the future of cruising was small – as in small ships. Headed by visionary industrialist Atle Brynestad, they conjured up the recipe for a deluxe new cruise brand that made its debut a year later. Their first ship was the […]

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Camp Nou Barcelona

Top 10 Reasons To Cruise From Barcelona

So you want to cruise from Barcelona? Good choice. This iconic Catalan city on Spain’s north-east coast has more ship options than anywhere in the Mediterranean and is one of the most vibrant and accommodating metropolises in Europe. It boasts dozens of compelling attractions, as well as a unique culture, and great food (especially the […]

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Best Cruises For Solo Travellers

Best Cruises For Solo Travellers

For an aspect of the travel industry with more than 150 years of history and tradition behind it, cruising sometimes gives the impression it remains pretty traditional and hidebound. But nothing could be further from the truth. The amazing development of the modern cruise ship, with its overflowing array of features and amenities – many […]

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Stop The World (Wide Web) We Want To Get Off

Stop The World (Wide Web), We Want To Get Off!

We quite enjoy technology. After all, it gets us going in the morning (the fancy iHome gadget that doubles as an alarm clock and iPhone charger at the same time); it provides the entertainment on our Smart TV (certainly smarter than the shop assistant who tried to explain how it works); and it powers our […]

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Want Great Memories Take A Cruise

Want Great Memories? Take A Cruise!

It all started with a simple enough question: What do you most remember about a cruise? A pretty straightforward query, you’d think. But it genuinely set us thinking. Now, the back-story to this is the fact we’re seen as the ‘old codgers’ of our local – the Methuselahs of the Snug Bar, the Galapagos tortoises […]

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Five Reasons To Book A Cruise This Year

5 Reasons To Book A Cruise This Year

By Simon & Susan Veness It’s no secret that we think cruising is the best holiday anyone can take. We have been devoted to the idea of sea-going sabbaticals ever since Simon first set foot on a ship back in 1969, when his family sailed from Durban to Southampton on the old SA Vaal of […]

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Amster-dammit - Amsterdam canal

Amster-dammit – A New Cruise Controversy

By Simon & Susan Veness There is always a lot of push and shove when it comes to major ports and the cruise lines. It is a two-way tug-of-war that has been going on since Julius Caesar took his cruise fleet across the Channel in 54BC and had a major bust-up with the port authorities […]

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