Rome The Regent Way

Rome The Regent Way

Today guest blogger, Anthony Nicholas shares with us the history and intrigue of one of the worlds most stunning cities, Rome.

Rome. Five thousand years of matchless history. Epic, monumental and magnificent. Awash with history and famed for its sense of sixties, Fellini-esque hip, it remains eternally fascinating.

As the only de-luxe operator including all shore excursions in its on board prices, Regent Seven Seas shows you this marvelous city in a truly up close and personal style. Several free options are on offer but, for a first time visitor, I recommend the ten hour ‘Discover Rome‘ tour as an entrée.

The visit begins with a visit to the monumental, miraculous edifice of St. Peter’s Square, where you’ll be awed by the sublime, colonnaded symmetry of Bernini’s courtyard, with its literally thousands of statues. Inside the vast cathedral itself, you can take in the beauty of Michelangelo’s gorgeous Pieta, as well as the high altar still used by incumbent Popes to this day.

You then progress on to Aventine Hill, a spectacular vantage point that allows for sweeping views down over such historical highlights as the Circus Maximus, the scene of the famous chariot race from Ben Hur, as well as the remains of several Imperial palaces.

Then you’ll head back into Rome’s central highlights, and view the hulking, ruined grandeur of the infamous, triple tiered Coliseum, where gladiators and wild beasts fought to the death in front of crowds many thousands strong. As well as the silent remains of the ancient Roman Forum, with the remains of its jagged, broken Doric columns. Here, Caesar met his bloody end on the infamous ‘Ides of March’ at the hands of Brutus and Cassius.

Following this, there will be some free time for lunch, shopping and, perhaps, some independent sightseeing. For lunch, you might try and grab a table at one of the restaurants that surround the magnificent fountains at Piazza Navona. At the very least, do try and grab some of the world’s best gelato. There’s nowhere better to enjoy it than on the sweeping expanse of the evocative Spanish Steps.

For shopping, the area around Trastevere offers a wealth of quality options for apparel, quality souvenirs and electrical goods.

As far as the tour itself goes, this one features a moderate amount of walking, and conservative dress is required for entering such sights as cathedrals and monasteries. Air conditioned coach transfers from the ship to the city and back are included, and can take from an hour to an hour and a half in each direction.

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