All Pets Aboard with Cunard Line

Pets can go on cruises too with Cunard Line

Cunard-Pets-AboardOne thing a lot of us worry about when we consider travel, is leaving behind our beloved pets. Even on the most exclusive and luxurious of holidays they are always in the back of our minds. We wonder what they are doing, if they are coping OK staying with relatives or in kennels, they become members of the family so it’s difficult not to think about them.

Imagine then for one wonderful second that you could take your pets with you when you cruise. If you are planning on crossing the Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary 2, then you can!

Cunard are the only cruise line in the world that allow passengers to travel with their dog or cat, something which originally started on the QE2. You may think it’s something not many people would want to do, but by the time the Queen Mary 2 reached her 100th transatlantic crossing back in 2008, over 450 pets had crossed the Atlantic Ocean with her. Quite impressive really!

Onboard you will find a well-equipped kennel with space for 12 dogs. There is also a playroom and designated walking area on the open deck. Owners can visit their animals several times a day and one visit is reserved for play time out on the open deck – of course!

Cats are welcome too, but for obvious reasons they are kept inside. Owners still have the same option of visiting and playtime though so our feline friends aren’t left out too much!

It’s not a case of just booking your pet onboard though, obviously you do need the correct paperwork and your beloved friend will need the correct injections and treatments. Cunard explain in full exactly what each pet needs upon enquiry and of course you can’t forget their little pet passport. It really is incredibly easy to arrange and if I am correct fares for dogs start from just $500, fares for cats from $1,000. Fares for our feline friends and more expensive because obviously they need the extra space, they don’t have the freedom of a walk out on the open deck so they must have ample play space inside.

It’s all fair and good telling you about this option, but what if you could see for yourself what it was actually like? Well, I came across a woman recently named Nikki Moustaki, an author and dog trainer from the U.S. and she made the trip a few years ago from New York to Hamburg aboard the Queen Mary 2 with her wonderful little dog, Pepper – This was his journey!

I love the idea of being able to travel with my Dog. I think she would love the attention she got from other passengers that were walking by and I am sure she would be incredibly excited to be at sea. I firmly believe dogs can “smell the sea air” and get just as excited over the prospect of new territory as we humans do. The fact she could still play outside would be an added bonus, she likes to sit in the garden even in the freezing cold!

Maybe this is something to think about for your next voyage? Don’t worry about leaving them behind, take them with you!

For more information on taking your pet aboard Queen Mary 2 please contact one of our cruise experts on 0800 008 6677

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