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Jos Dewing explores the world’s greatest journeys by ship

If you’ve ever considered Antarctica as a holiday or travel destination, you’ll no doubt have noticed the standard travel company depiction. An over-emphasis on the remote nature of the place, the “end of the world” concept and the wilderness angle. Often, the views of a few early explorers are included since these can spark one of the few connections that the modern traveller might have to the place. Travel companies nearly always make a big point about the ‘pristine-ness’ of Antarctica and impart a sense of going where very few have travelled.

With the above in mind, it feels entirely refreshing to put all that to one side and to consider the modern Antarctica and why you really must visit via ship at some point in your lifetime.

The reality is that Antarctica is no longer a pioneering destination, but it is still regarded by those who know it, such as the expedition leaders who will join you on your Antarctica cruise, as beyond spectacular and without question the most beautiful place on the planet. A destination that is simply so powerful and extraordinary that it tends to get very much under the skin of those fortunate enough to visit.

We would consider Antarctica somewhat of a must for anyone who has a passion for seeing places that truly are diverse and has a very important place in our product collection. Why? Because you can only get there by sea, but you can do it in boutique style for one of the ultimate holidays imaginable.

Antarctica is gorgeous and wild and nature is still very much in charge, making it more dramatic than any other landscape. If you seek an unrivalled and bold travel experience, there is none more so than Antarctica, because it is so very different from anywhere that people are used to visiting. Frankly, even if you grew up in Greenland or Alaska, Antarctica would seem exotic.

Ponant's L'Austral in Antarctica

Ponant’s L’Austral in Antarctica

Don’t forget the bragging rights:

I’m sorry to mention this one but you must leave your complimentary Antarctica Parka lying around when you have guests round as it is a conversation piece in its own right. Mention your recent holiday in Antarctica, sipping Champagne in a hot tub whilst passing through the Magellan Straights with your extraordinary photos and you’ll be considered the ultimate pioneer. Comparisons to Sir Ranulph Fiennes and DR Michael Stroud will be likely in spite of your somewhat luxurious approach to the white continent. They don’t need to know you were served freshly made pancakes and waffles on deck do they?

We have a large selection of expedition voyages to Antarctica available from Compagnie du Ponant, Seabourn and Silversea – There is something for every adventure traveller!

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Jos Dewing is Managing Director of leading luxury and expedition cruise specialist, The Cruise Line Limited

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