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Guest blogger Anthony Nicholas shares with us the fine cuisine offered by Regent Seven Seas Cruises. It really is enough to make your mouth water.

Cruising with Regent Seven Seas is a feast on more than one level. Each voyage feeds the senses to a quite sublime degree, and there’s no denying that the sights you will see and savour en route feed the inner man as well.

But, be that as it may, it is the actual cuisine served on board with such a flourish that will certainly be one of your most abiding memories of a cruise with Regent. And, while taste is vitally important, it is only one ingredient in the recipe of what creates a consummate dining experience.

It comes down as much to presentation, service, ambience, excellent wines and, hopefully, engaging dinner companions as much as anything else. The ability of Regent Seven Seas to put all these together in such an appealing environment is nothing short of alchemy; a unique mix of taste, showmanship and, of course, prime quality cooking.

For instance, Regent offers Prime 7, an outstanding, reservations only steak house experience (though at no extra charge) which is open for dinner each night. The food on offer here ranges from succulent, butter soft, ten ounce Kobe beef to a potentially platter shattering, thirty-two ounce Porterhouse steak, intended for two people. All the choices are certified, premium USDA cuts.

But I definitely recommend starting with a beautifully presented Three Steak Tartare- classic, oriental and veal- that really is like the overture to some fantastic operatic feast. I could have gone on to enjoy a classic Caesar Salad, but opted instead for a feisty bowl of deep, rich French Onion soup.

It wasn’t easy choosing between a sumptuous Surf and Turf and the aforementioned Kobe beef, but I went with the latter. This was so tasteful and tender that it literally crumbled on contact with the knife. Dressed in mushrooms, it was offered up with sides of asparagus and truffled fries. And, though the portion looked perfectly manageable, it took some effort to get through it.

Dessert wise, I finished with a light as air Key Lime pie topped with vanilla ice cream, and a fabulous, frothy cappuccino, followed by after dinner chocolates.

This is only one of a range of intimate, highly styled dining idylls offered across the Regent fleet. Each of them is relaxed, beautifully styled, and all have a different culinary emphasis. But for lovers of prime cuts and succulent, seductively good seafood, I cannot recommend Prime 7 enough as a platinum chip dining venue.

If you would like more information on Regent Seven Seas and their cruise itineraries please call one of our Cruise Experts on 0800 008 6677.  Alternatively, visit our website to view our best Regent Seven Seas deals.

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