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Map of Hurricane Dorian's path across the Bahamas

Appeal For The Bahamas

By Simon and Susan Veness This is a very different blog this week. It is basically an appeal, a simple human request to our fellow cruise devotees to dig into their pockets for an extremely good, nay, desperate cause in compassionate aid. The Bahamas need our help. Sitting here in central Florida, we have had […]

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Image of P&O's Oriana cruise ship at sea

Farewell, Oriana – Queen of a New Age

You won’t often find us extolling the virtues of the mega-ships of the world, those ocean-going leviathans that look more like floating apartment blocks than anything truly nautical. We’d rather spend a week in the neon garishness of Las Vegas than put to sea in some of these modern marine monstrosities. There are more on […]

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Crystal Endeavor - Expedition Cruising Crystal Class

Expedition Cruising Crystal Class

This time next year, a pioneering new ship will be taking its maiden voyage. It will be only 20,000 tons and carry just 200 passengers, but it promises to have a major impact on the way we view expedition cruising. In many ways, adventure-style cruising is still in its infancy. Companies like Aurora Expeditions, G […]

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Silversea’s New Moon Takes Shape

By Simon & Susan Veness Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog will already know we are big fans of the current Silversea Cruises flagship Silver Muse. We took an extensive look at the 40,000-ton paragon for The Cruise Line last year, including a 3-part video series (which hopefully you all saw – […]

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Who’s To Blame For The P&O Punch-Up

Who’s To Blame For The P&O Punch-Up?

There are some things that bring matters to a shuddering halt over the smoked kippers at breakfast. This week’s sea-going punch-up was most definitely one of those occasions. Picture, if you will, Tenny with a forkful of aforementioned fish half-way to his lips, Times newspaper in front of him, and then the scandalised gasp of, […]

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Greg Mortimer ship in water

The Blooming of Aurora

Sir Douglas Mawson was a genuine Australian hero. A geologist, academic and Antarctic explorer, he rightly deserves to have his name alongside the likes of Amundsen, Shackleton and Scott. As well as being one of the foremost adventurers of his time, pioneering the exploration and geographic mapping of large parts of the world’s southernmost continent, […]

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Saga Count On Their Spirit Of Discovery

Saga Count On Their Spirit Of Discovery

When Sidney De Haan was casting around for ideas to keep his Folkestone hotel in business in the 1950s, he wasn’t thinking about global brands, disruption marketing, direct sales or any other fancy terminology used in the travel business today. The WWII war hero was simply trying to find ways to keep the Rhodesia Hotel […]

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The Worlds Greenest Cruise Ship

The World’s Greenest Cruise Ship

This week, we’re taking a look at what makes Hurtigruten’s MS Roald Amundsen a contender for the title of The World’s Greenest Cruise Ship… Here’s a question for you – what if you could cruise with minimum addition to your carbon footprint, sailing the seas without adding to the pollution plaguing the world’s oceans and […]

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Rock Star Cruising With Virgin. What A First Class Idea

Rock Star Cruising With Virgin? What A First Class Idea!

  We have a bit of a conundrum for you this week, darlings: When is First Class travel not, actually, First Class travel? You would think the cruise world would be ideally placed to answer this particular puzzle, seeing as how it was based on a multi-class experience for more than 100 years. Travelling First […]

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When Silver becomes Gold

Silver Shadow Renovation: When Silver Becomes Gold

  By Simon & Susan Veness Michael Jackson tried to blame it on the Boogie. Michael Caine wanted to blame it on Rio. And Nick Mancuso certainly blamed it on the Night. In reality – and all music and film reference aside – blame might not be the right word here, as far as Silversea […]

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