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Cocktails: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

What’s in a cocktail? We ask because, it seems, just about anything now goes in to the world of mixed drinks aboard the cruise lines. The competition to be bolder, brighter and more colourful is apparently all the rage. Take Sex On The Beach. The drink, darlings, not the questionable gymnastics. It is basically all […]

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Over The Yardarm: Cruising The Iron Gates

Tenny loves his sea days. Give him a ship that does nothing but poodle around the ocean going nowhere and he’s in maritime heaven. Trivia in the sports bar? He’s there. Ice carving demonstrations or a lecture on the joys of photographing tropical birds?  Why not? Martini tasting session? He wouldn’t miss it. Alright, neither […]

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Over The Yardarm: Istanbul

Picture the scene – half an hour from sailing, and you’re on the other side of the city, trying to find a taxi. In the pouring rain. At night. And you don’t speak the language. Welcome to Istanbul on a near-disastrous Friday evening, several years ago. It was the cruise line’s fault, of course. Who […]

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Over The Yardarm: Timeless Vs Worthless?

We met up with some dear, dear friends recently and were reminiscing – as one does over a gin and tonic or three – about our cruise memories of the “rebirth” of cruising in the 1980s and 90s. For those who are relatively new to the whole idea of hedonistic holidays of a sea-going nature, […]

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Over The Yardarm: Cruise Ship Royalty

Did you catch last week’s Royal news? Apparently, Prince Phillip will no longer perform official functions. It begs the question, how will anyone tell the difference? But the Old Boy has probably earned his ‘retirement.’ After all, there aren’t many 95-year-olds still on active duty, even if they do have footmen to hold them up […]

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Over The Yardarm: When Ships Still Looked Like Ships

Fed up with the election yet? Yes, we thought so. If we hear a politician start the phrase “I believe in…” one more time while speaking with all the energy of a dead AA battery, we will run screaming from the house. Yes, we all know Theresa May is an “unelected leader,” but we don’t […]

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Over The Yardarm: It’s All Gone Horribly Right

We tend to avoid shore excursions, like the plague, in the same way we avoid gross generalisations and clichés. But sometimes they are a necessary evil. Treadwell tends to get huffy that her personal space is being invaded if someone just walks by the cabin, so having to spend several hours in a coach with […]

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Over The Yardarm: The Small Wonders

To look at a lot of the new tonnage hitting the waterways of the world these days, you’d think that most of the bally cruise lines are hooked on the old adage that says ‘The bigger, the better,’ and that truly is frightful nonsense. Yes, we understand ‘economies of scale’ and ‘high yields’ and even […]

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Over The Yardarm: The Luxury Gap

If there is one word that is usually guaranteed to shiver our timbers and get the Treadwell and Tenny household gnashing its nautical teeth in anguish, it is the one that is the most over-used in the whole cruising lexicon – and which should get people banned from ever writing about it again. Princess Cruises […]

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Over The Yardarm: A New Ship And A Good Book

A press release arrived on our sun-lounger this week. Well, not exactly the sun-lounger itself, but the tablet gizmo thingy that Treadwell has taken to using instead of the laptop. Frightfully useful gadget compared to lugging a 20lb steam-powered ‘portable computer’ around. Portable? Hah! If Hannibal had been equipped with them, he’d have needed a […]

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