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Treadwell & Tenny are long-time cruisers (and writers) with a penchant for stylish experiences. The husband-and-wife duo’s cruise adventures date back to 1969, encompassing almost all types of sea and river-going ships. Together they have sailed the the Pacific and Atlantic, the Med and the Caribbean, into deepest Patagonia, around freezing fijords and along tranquil rivers while enjoying a cocktail or two. Each week, they offer inside looks at the cruise business and their own unique slant on experiential travel. They promise not to swear. Much.

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This Is Virgin On The Ridiculous

This Is Virgin On The Ridiculous!

Well, colour us amused, darlings. In fact, we’d have to go as far as saying we had a jolly good chuckle. There was the assembled UK cruise media in all its glory, at Dover and then Liverpool, all dolled up to view what, at first glance, seemed to be some kind of modern battleship, minus […]

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Hurtigruten Fridtjof Nansen

When Going Green At Sea Is Good

A Treadwell & Tenny Look Ahead to 2020 Back in our dim and distant youth, we fondly remember a cartoon featuring Tweety Pie and Sylvester where the hapless feline of the story was whisked aboard a ship and found himself at the mercy of some rough seas. Whenever he was in a position to make […]

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British Travel Awards – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

British Travel Awards – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Imagine our disgust. There we were enjoying our usual breakfast of a hard-boiled egg and kippers (for him) and a croissant with Harrods marmalade (her), when up popped a message in our Inbox marked ‘British Travel Awards Winners!’ We thought a little gentle information would help the digestion, but what we saw was enough to […]

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The Cruise Difference Then and Now

The Cruise Difference – Now & Then

Here we go again. There we were, in the snug bar of The Bloated Goat, and that hoary old chestnut reared its ugly visage once more. “But why go on a cruise and get stuck on a boat with hundreds of people you don’t know – and probably don’t like – and have no way to […]

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We Need An Alternative To Alternative Dining

We Need An Alternative To Alternative Dining!

Okay, we couldn’t let this one pass without comment. As much as we agree with our good friends (and proper journalists) Susan and Simon on most things, their blog about the Top 10 Alternative Dining options at sea cannot pass without comment. Not by us, anyway. Now, don’t get us wrong. We are all for […]

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Image of P&O's Oriana cruise ship at sea

Farewell, Oriana – Queen of a New Age

You won’t often find us extolling the virtues of the mega-ships of the world, those ocean-going leviathans that look more like floating apartment blocks than anything truly nautical. We’d rather spend a week in the neon garishness of Las Vegas than put to sea in some of these modern marine monstrosities. There are more on […]

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Who’s To Blame For The P&O Punch-Up

Who’s To Blame For The P&O Punch-Up?

There are some things that bring matters to a shuddering halt over the smoked kippers at breakfast. This week’s sea-going punch-up was most definitely one of those occasions. Picture, if you will, Tenny with a forkful of aforementioned fish half-way to his lips, Times newspaper in front of him, and then the scandalised gasp of, […]

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Rock Star Cruising With Virgin. What A First Class Idea

Rock Star Cruising With Virgin? What A First Class Idea!

  We have a bit of a conundrum for you this week, darlings: When is First Class travel not, actually, First Class travel? You would think the cruise world would be ideally placed to answer this particular puzzle, seeing as how it was based on a multi-class experience for more than 100 years. Travelling First […]

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Stop The World (Wide Web) We Want To Get Off

Stop The World (Wide Web), We Want To Get Off!

We quite enjoy technology. After all, it gets us going in the morning (the fancy iHome gadget that doubles as an alarm clock and iPhone charger at the same time); it provides the entertainment on our Smart TV (certainly smarter than the shop assistant who tried to explain how it works); and it powers our […]

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Anatomy Of A Cruise

Anatomy Of A Cruise

  We were slightly taken aback by the question. We’re totally used to fielding all kinds of queries about our favourite pastime in the snug bar of The Bloated Goat, but this one gave us pause for thought. Several pauses, in point of fact. It was simple enough. “What is a cruise actually like?” asked […]

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