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Submit A Cruise Review

If you have been on a cruise recently, then why not submit a cruise review? Every cruise review we receive will be given a copy of the latest World of Cruising magazine absolutely free!

At The Cruise Line we understand that the best possible recommendation of a cruise line, ship or destination is one that is written by someone who has actually experienced it first hand. Taking this into consideration, we will soon be changing our website slightly to incorporate your reviews, giving you a platform for sharing your cruise experiences with likeminded cruise enthusiasts.

Cruise reviews are a great way of sharing your cruise experiences and your thoughts on your voyage. You can talk about your accommodation, the cuisine, the staff, what you thought of the available shore excursions – anything you want. If there is something you didn’t like, please feel free to mention it. Likewise, if there was something about your cruise that exceeded all your expectations, mention that too!

To submit your review of your cruise holiday, simply send an email to info@cruiseline.co.uk and include the following information:
  • Name
  • Address*
  • Cruise Line
  • Cruise Ship
  • Destination
  • Rating out of 10
  • Review (50 + words)
*Please provide your correct address so that we can send out your free World of Cruising magazine.