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Santos Cruises

Santos boasts the largest dock area in Latin America and is considered the world's foremost coffee port. A city of mostly modern buildings, wide tree-lined avenues and wealthy suburbs, Santos retainsa charm that has not been extinguished by the development of an enormous port complex. Although best known for its commerce, it also offers resort facilities for city-weary Paulistanos, including beautiful beaches, plenty of shops and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Forcruise vessels Santos serves as the starting point for a trip to Sao Paulo. Founded by two Jesuit priests in 1554, Sao Paulo started outas a shabby little town of clay and mud-packed buildings. At the end ofthe 19th century, enterprising 'coffee barons' began to place large amounts of their profits into local industry, helping to catapult the city into a major financial center.

Immigrants arrived from all corners of the world. Today, Sao Paulo is the most populous city in South America and the continent's leading industrial center. Much of this incredible development can be attributed to the fact that the Paulistanos are among the hardest working and most energetic people in Brazil. Another important factor is the availability of amplehydro electric power, which greatly contributed to the city's industrial growth.

Work and profit aside, the city has its attractions, but being so spread out puts a limit to what one can accomplish in a single day. Guests participating in the city tour must be aware that at best it will provide them with an overview of this immense metropolis.