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Santa Margherita Cruises

Among the more classic tourist resorts there are names that evoke uncontaminated natural landscapes and others that owe their fame to the fascination of their buildings or their particular style of life. Santa Margherita does not belong to either of these categories. Or rather, it offers a pleasant combination of both these apparently conflicting features. Over the centuries man's work has enhanced the original gift of nature. Indeed it has gone further: it has added something unmistakable to an already perfect picture. Santa Margherita's forms, colours, the arrangement of its characteristic houses, its rich villas, its great hotels have painted around its bay something similar to a magical reflection. Here the most varying demands are met, and bustle and calm are only apparently contradictory states. In Santa Margherita the visitor experiences a great sense of freedom and at the same time the pleasant impression of belonging to a privileged and happy world. Santa Margherita leads an intense life around its harbour: elegant social occasions, celebrations and traditional events. And there is plenty of sport, too: sailing, of course, but also water-skiing and canoeing, to name only those sports connected to the sea. Without forgetting all the small rituals of a really satisfying holiday which revolve around its tranquil waterfront where, together with beautiful pleasure craft, a fleet of fishing boats keeps up the ancient traditions of fishing and seamanship. It also keeps up the reputation of one of the most characteristic and tasty catches along the whole coast: the famous Santa Margherita lobsters. And the nightspots, restaurants and hotels where you can taste this authentic gift of the Mediterranean are many and varied. Range of choice is one more reason for preferring Santa Margherita.