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Qeqertarsuaq Cruises

"Our first icebergs, we saw them in the morning of the second day of cruising, close to the large island of Disko: they are loins, small, time is gray... but one is already content, they are the first!
Unloading in zodiac on this volcanic island which one admires red basalt cliffs, high 1000 meters (finally, one guesses them through the fog!)
The small port of Qeqertarsuaq was formerly, in fact since 1773, a significant colony Danish whale-boat. Nowadays the city is more known for its Arctic Station, depend on the Faculty of Science of Copenhagen. Many scientists come here in order to study geology and Arctic botany.

Small turn of this large village of approximately 1000 hbts; "Here, us are said, the principal activity is consisted fishing", finally as in all the villages of Greenland whose resources come especially from the sea with fishing, a little of tourism... and not badly of the State grants Danish. The houses are vain: beiges, reds, green and blue; and what does one see between them Large floating icebergs in bay.

A little further, a long black sand beach with pieces of icebergs, everyone precipitates, the cameras click quickly... as if it were feared that the spectacle is transitory! Not, not, they are not likely to melt within sight of their volume. Which image: white on black and right at side... of the pink with these small flowers!

Before the departure for Greenland, while surfant on the Net, with research of before - taste of expatriation, I often looked at a Web camwood located precisely at Qeqertarsuaq. Also, by making stopover in this village, I was to find this sight familiar...

Having taken a little in advance at the time of the return of the excursion to the cascade of the red river (superb even under the rain!), here me is party of a step decided in the search of this small split between a blue house and another red... that should not be too difficult to find, the village is small and moreover, rather far-sighted, I have in my pocket a vague plan of localization (maintaining completely wet, therefore illegible!)
But at the end of half an hour, my research is always useless! I had a plan but not compass! I finally understood that I confused Northern bay with the South! Here it is, over there, the red house... and the blue one, which are, in fact, a company. Photograph of against photo field then of the same visible sight as that on Internet.
Return in the last on the satisfied zodiac... but. Oh! I know, it is a little ridiculous, but there is like that, of tiny pleasures of which I did not want to deprive to me."