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Puerto Quetzal Cruises

Fishing and farming villages emerged on Guatemala's Pacific coast as early as 2000 BC.They were the forerunners of the great Maya civilization that dominated Central America for centuries. By 250 AD great temple cities were beginning to be built in the Guatemalan highlands. Today Guatemala is the most populous of the Central American republics and the only one largely Indian in language and culture. Only about two-thirds of the country is populated with still large areas of unoccupied land. Its two coastlines are along the Pacific and the Caribbean. Puerto Quetzal is the port for the town of San Jose, which used to be the country's
second largest port. Most ships however had to stay at anchor and cargo discharge had to be done by lighter. Puerto Quetzal was recently built to accommodate ships alongside. Our call to Puerto Quetzal will provide you with the opportunity of visiting one of Guatemala's two best-known Mayan ruins plus the old capital city, Antigua.

Please Note: Guests should take care not to wear expensive jewelry and watches, or carry large amounts of cash when going ashore.