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Norwegian Fjords Cruises

Discover one of the most incredible regions on earth as you journey to the Norwegian Fjords on a luxury cruise.

The Norwegian Fjords is one of the most spectacular regions on the planet and the only way to fully appreciate the natural beauty and scenery that the Fjords have to offer is to sail directly through them.

Every way you turn, your eyes shall be met with breathtaking scenes. Imagine sailing through crystal clear waters all the while in the shadow of impressive granite mountains and ice carved inlets. As you glance in one direction your eyes meet the glow of a beautiful waterfall that cascades into the icy water below. As you turn around you are met by tiny wooden houses perched neatly among the cliffs. It really is a place where your imagination needs no help, everything you see is real and if this is the fun you can have from the ship, then one can only imagine what your days ashore have in store.

Norwegian Fjords Destinations

The highlight of a Fjords cruise really is the scenery viewed from the ship, its picture perfect moments like these that keep people returning year after year, but the ports of call you can visit also have an incredible amount to offer.

Stavanger, Bergen, Flaam, Eidfjord, Trondheim, Geiranger and more await you, and should your ship head further north, you will also have calls in Iceland as you reach the Arctic Circle.

Every port offers something different: medieval charm, amazing architecture, enriching museums and of course, shopping! Many of the destinations, including Bergen and Geirangerfjord, are also on the UNESCO World Heritage List – so you know your visit to this region is going to be nothing short of truly memorable.

The Northern Lights are also one to watch out for. This natural phenomenon is known as Aurora Borealis, is caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Norway is one of the best places in the world to see this natural display, but the further north you head, the better your chances are. The lights are most visible in late autumn and winter into early spring.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises Best Time To Go

Norwegian Fjords cruises are mainly operated between May and September, although some cruise lines, Hurtigruten for example, sail this region year-round. Springtime really does show the Fjords in all of their natural beauty: snow-capped mountains above, blooming spring bulbs below and a warm tint to the air. The spring/summer months also offer the “midnight sun”- where the sun never sets – but you have to cross the Arctic Circle to experience this fully.

Although you are never going to get the type of tempertaures in Norway that you do in Spain during the spring and summer, it is still very pleasant, but the weather can sometimes be a little unpredicatable - so it is always wise to pack a little bit of everything.

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