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Middle East Cruises

Most people invariably think of Egypt in terms of the Middle East and yet, while that ancient kingdom is still the jewel of the region's crown, there is much compelling history in Jordan and, indeed, a raft of modern marvels growing at a daily rate.

Stunning Dubai boasts such amazing hotels as the Burj-el-Arab along its gleaming, space age waterfront, and shopping and sporting facilities that are among the best in the world. Throughout the entire region, the addition of new skyscrapers, shopping malls and resorts is breathtaking, and one visit alone will never suffice.

By contrast, the ancient city of Petra, hewn out of sandstone in a desert rock gorge, is an amazing portal into a convoluted past, implacable and moving in ways that are difficult to describe, yet impossible to forget. As the region opens up and places like fractured, historic Jerusalem open up, the dormant, yet always irresistible lure of the entire area will make seeing it by sea the only truly practical option.

Egypt of course remains the perennial show stopper; the greatest man made theme park on earth, where the remains of more than five thousand years of grandeur stand in stony silence on the edges of the mighty Nile. From the enigmatic Pyramids of Giza to the impassive Sphinx, on down to the majestic hypostyle temple of Luxor and the great, gaping tombs carved into the searing sandstone at the Valley of the Kings, Egypt is a living monument to human ingenuity.

On the Nile itself, feluccas glide downstream with sails set at an angle, just as they have for centuries, with the Muezzin's calls to prayer ringing out over the ancient waterway. Temples such as Kom Ombo line the waterway south to the greatest of them all; the amazing, four figured colossus of Abu Simbel, magically saved from the rising waters of the Nile and Lake Nasser.

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