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Ittoqqortoormiit Cruises

Ittoqqortoormiit just like Qaanaaq is one of the youngest towns in Greenland and by far the most isolated. Scoresby Sund with its side fjords are the largest fjord complex in the world and the fjord itself is also the longest in the world. The municipality is about the size of Great Britain and, this would indicate that each of the 562 inhabitants has an area of 420 km2 to roam in. However, the inhabitants live in Ittoqqortoormiit or one of the two settlements, Itterajivit/Cape Hope or Uunartoq/Cape Tobin.
Hunting and, to some degree, fishing are the main trades of the area.
The town was settled by people from Ammassalik in 1925, supported by the Danish seafarer Ejnar Mikkelsen. Already at that time, the area was known as a very good hunting ground for seals, walruses and polar bears.
Only few tourists make it to this remote area. The winter is long and the ice covers the waters for nine months a year. Obviously, this is the right place for the individual traveler to go, more espcially if there dream is to combine adventure and a complete break from everything and everybody they know. The area offers beautiful expedition-like trips in kayaks or on dog sleds, and it is also the departure point for expeditions into the vast National Park in North Eastern Greenland. The National Park is the largest in the world and people without permanent address in Ittoqqortoormiit or Qaanaaq municipalities must apply for a special permit to enter the area. The wild life in the area is extraordinary with many birds and mammals.