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Galapagos Islands Cruises

Charles Darwin first marveled at the extraordinary wildlife of the unique Galapagos Islands in 1835 where, fuelled by the nutrient-rich ocean currents and isolated from human predators, a unique and abundant flora and fauna had developed.

This is now one of the planet’s rarest and most fragile ecosystems – declared the world’s first Heritage Site in 1978 and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1984 – and, thanks to a myriad of conservation efforts, the 15 main islands that make up the archipelago are still much as they were when Darwin arrived.

At once a province, a national park and a biological marine reserve (second only to the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast), this is a realm of natural splendours, largely untouched by anything modern. Here you can explore and discover a world of science and biology, geology and ecology, research and near-endless fascination.

The fascination comes in a myriad of forms in this near-prehistoric landscape, from marine iguanas to albatross nesting colonies; giant tortoises to hatching baby turtles; playful sea lions to speedy penguins; darting dolphins and basking whales; and a multitude of spectacularly colourful fish among the rocks and reefs.

Many of the islands are still readily identifiable as ancient lava fields, and beaches can be red, black or even green as the basic rocks have broken down over time to leave a bewildering panorama of rugged, outlandish backgrounds, almost like surroundings from an alien planet.

Galapagos Islands Cruise Itineraries

Your Galapagos Islands journey will also take you via Quito, the Ecuadorian capital, where you then fly on to the Islands themselves, around 600 miles to either Baltra or San Cristobal for the start of your cruise-of-a-lifetime. All cruises operate just within the Galapagos, ensuring a small-scale, personal experience that never fails to impress.

All vessels sailing the Galapagos must be licensed and their itineraries approved by Galapagos National Park. It really is a complex system, but it ensures the protection of this incredible region.

All Galapagos voyages begin or end at one of two islands: Baltra or San Cristobal, and ports include Santa Cruz, Champion Islet’s, South Plaza, Rabida, Espanola, Fernandina and Floreana.

The best time to take a Galapagos Islands cruise is between June and September or December and January.

Book Your Galapagos Islands Cruise with The Cruise Line

At The Cruise Line we have a fantastic range of voyages that visit the Galapagos Islands, all of which fall under our luxury adventure bracket. They include: Silversea Expeditions, Seabourn, Celebrity Cruises and Lindblad Expeditions.

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