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Cruising Hubbard Glacier Cruises

They call the place where the gigantic Hubbard Glacier empties into the sea Disenchantment Bay, a narrow inlet at the head of Yakutat Bay, and named perhaps because it is virtually impossible to venture any further. A full six miles of ice block your way and this giant is on the move. In fact, Hubbard moves faster than almost any other glacier on the continent. Beginning its journey 76 miles away on Mt. Logan, Canada's highest mountain, Hubbard has been known to advance so fast that in 1986 it dammed Russell Fjord and created a lake behind it, trapping many marine species. Now the dam no longer exists, and Hubbard is no longer the galloping glacier it once was, but the continent's longest tidewater glacier stilll flows at a fast rate, regularly disgorging enormous calves into the sea. As your ship sails along its looming mass, you'll notice that Hubbard's pock-marked face is punctuated by deep ice caves that glow with the lovely blue light that distinguishes active glacial ice.