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Boca De Valeria Cruises

Boca de means 'mouth of' and is an entrance of the Valeria River, located on the south bank on a 400ft hill and overlooking the Amazon. It is located between Parintins and Santarem.
The "mouth" of the Valeria River, the colorful Caboclo village contains a few wooden houses and an abundance of local wildlife, including monkeys, birds and several varieties of flora. As your ship remains anchored offshore, canoes bearing the local inhabitants will glide through the river's waters, providing a fascinating display of the colorful culture of the Amazon region.
Truly another world, this tiny Indian village is hidden amid jungle lakelands where the screeches of colorful parrots fill the air and trees stand waist-high in water. Observe Amazonian lifestyles up close and barter for local crafts.