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Bandar Bushire Cruises

City in southwestern Iran with 180,000 inhabitants (2003 estimate), situated on the Persian Gulf, at the northern end of a narrow peninsula connected to the mainland by tidal marshes. It is the capital of the Bushehr Province, and its full name is Bandar-e Bushehr. Bushehr has two ports, an outer deep, which is exposed and an inner more shallow one.
The economical base of Bushehr is fishing and commerce. The city functions as the port of Shiraz. A program of the 1970's to build nuclear reactors first failed, due to the Iran-Iraq War, later due to lack of international aid. The program was resumed in the 1990's with assistanc from Russia. Bushehr's industries include seafood canneries, food-processing plants, and engineering. Bushehr has an airport, and highways connect the city to Ahvaz 700 km to the northwest and Shiraz 300 km to the northeast. A secondar coastal road links Bushehr to Bandar-e Abbas 800 km to the east.