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Adventure Cruises

The Cruise Line is proud to announce the latest edition of our Adventure Cruise Collection. The Adventure Cruise Collection is a selection of the very best that small-scale adventure voyaging has to offer worldwide, a spectacular treasure trove of new holiday destinations and cutting edge travel experiences.

The cruise lines that make up our Adventure Cruise Collection all offer remarkable journeys to the centre of some of the world's most inspiring landscapes whilst guaranteeing you a high standard of accommodation, excellent dining options and superb facilities. We have worked hard to ensure that every cruise selected is not only offering a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, but that is also as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Astounding wildlife, captivating foreign cultures and unforgettable scenery are the key ingredients, but they all come fully equipped with expert guides into the local flora and fauna, the geology and geography, and the history and sociology of the places visited.

We have handpicked cruise lines that we believe will offer you the very best in both adventure cruises and expedition cruises. Each cruise line has its own unique flare for exploration and specialises in eco-friendly discovery to one of the earth's most remote, yet awe-inspiring landscapes. From paddle-steam cruising along the Murray River in Australia; setting foot on the pristine White Continent of Antarctica; witnessing Darwin’s inspiration in the Galapagos; discovering Mayan remains in Central America; snorkelling in the South Pacific; or exploring beyond the Arctic Circle.

Adventure Cruise Destinations:

Antarctic Adventure Cruises

One of the most unspoilt landscapes on earth, Antarctica is ripe for discovery and a must for wildlife lovers, those who have a passing interest in photography and cruisers looking for a destination that exists far from the beaten track. Read more about Antarctic Adventure Cruises

Galapagos Islands Adventure Cruises

The Galapagos Islands were claimed as a World Heritage site in the late 1970’s having been originally discovered by Charles Darwin in the mid-1800s. Those who enjoy snorkelling will simply marvel at the sights that await in them in the deep blue ocean, for the Galapagos Islands boasts one of the most varied cross-sections of marine life in the world. Read more about Galapagos Islands Adventure Cruises

Alaska Adventure Cruises

Offering the ultimate combination of lush forestry, snow-capped peaks and a huge variety of wildlife, there is no doubt that Alaska is Mother Nature at her finest. Exploring this vast landscape on an adventure cruise is perhaps the only way to discover America’s largest state. Read more about Alaska Adventure Cruises

Arctic Adventure Cruises

The land of the Midnight Sun is a ready made cruise destination, primed for exploration and discovery. Journey from the ethereal fairy-tale wonderlands of Northern Europe before sailing to the North Cape and see for yourself why the Arctic Circle has remained such a fascinating region for centuries. Read more about Arctic Adventure Cruises

South Pacific Adventure Cruises

Promising beautiful beaches, fascinating cultures and perfect tropical breezes, the South Pacific is sure to cast a most enchanting spell. Whether you are trekking the hills of Easter Island or indulging in the welcoming hospitality of the indigenous communities that call this region home, you can be sure that your memories of the South Pacific will remain with you long after you step foot back on home soil. Read more about South Pacific Adventure Cruises

Far East Adventure Cruises

The Far East needs no introduction; simply brimming with mystery and imagination it’s hard to imagine a place that blends the exotic and the enchanting so well. From Thailand to Borneo, from South Korea to Japan this magnificent region is an explorers dream Read more about Far East Adventure Cruises

Australia and New Zealand Adventure Cruises

Australia and its neighbouring New Zealand are guaranteed to inspire and delight anyone who chooses to visit them on an adventure or expedition cruise. Never before has it been easier to explore this vast region, where the landscapes can vary from stunning rocky red deserts, to snow capped mountain ranges. Read more about Australia and New Zealand Adventure Cruises

Chilean Patagonia Adventure Cruises

A landscape awash with fjords, glaciers and volcanoes await you in Chilean Patagonia; a region that remains a dramatic mystery to many. Adventure cruises to the region are recommended for those who love to get close to the heart of their destination, with opportunities to kayak, hike and trek never too far away. Read more about Chilean Patagonia Adventure Cruises

Egypt Adventure Cruises

Discover true historical treasure by choosing an adventure cruise to Egypt. Vast and epic, Egypt has truly inspired explorers, historians and archaeologists for centuries. It’s easy to see why – sail any section of the Nile and marvel at the artistic and scientific brilliance of Egypt’s early settlements. Read more about Egypt Adventure Cruises

Central America Adventure Cruises

A must for any nature lovers, Central America offers a haven of rain forests, national parks and stunning wildlife seldom seen anywhere else in the world. Cruise down the Panama Canal, one of man’s greats feats of engineering, or trek in the shadow’s of Guatemala’s volcanic peaks and see this wonderful region come to life. Read more about Central America Adventure Cruises

Amazon Adventure Cruises

Your journey into the Amazonian rainforest via the world’s second largest river will truly be one to savour. Sit back and relax on the deck of your chosen vessel and take in some magnificent sights as the riverbanks come alive before your highs. On land there will be plenty of opportunities for exploration as you walk in the footsteps of ancient civilisations. Read more about Amazon Adventure Cruises

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